Top 4 Face Masks to Use in Fighting COVID-19

The novel coronavirus continues to be a nightmare ever since its outbreak in China in 2019. It calls for the people and their governments worldwide to take caution and curb its spread. Most experts urge putting on a face mask in public areas. However, many people have found themselves confused over what types of face masks to use. Below is a comprehensive list of face masks that are effective to protect oneself and others against COVID-19.

Surgical Masks

Also known as medical masks, these masks are disposable and usually blue. Surgical masks have strings tied behind the head, while others have flexible whips that you wear behind the ears. The masks have three layers to filter out large molecules in the air effectively. Quality and good masks like surgical masks protect your mouth and nose from droplets that could be carrying the coronavirus. They also shield your droplets from coming into contact with the surrounding people. Surgical masks are to be used once and should not be shared.

N95 Masks

From their name, the N95 masks are designed to filter out 95 percent of small particles, which includes bacteria and viruses. The N95 Mask is the most efficient type to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus. Folks Should know that masks are made in such a way that they meet a strict manufacturing baseline. The masks are to be tightened around the head’s rear by elastic straps to fit the face. Due to the mask’s limited supply, they are not meant for the general public. The mode of wearing them is also complex so that most non-medical personnel fail to wear them correctly. Having masks such as N95 masks should be reserved for healthcare workers because they have the highest risk of getting infected.

Cloth Face Masks

In case the surgical and N95 masks are out of reach, you can use the handmade cloth face masks. The cloth masks are cheaper and easy to find. You can also wash and re-use them. For cloth masks to be effective, the compactness of the material used is highly crucial. A cloth mask with two linings of cotton material effectively filters out large and small particles as the surgical mask. The masks should completely encompass the mouth, nose, and chin. Once you wear this mask, you should maintain high hygiene levels and wash the mask after using it. Do not re-use if the mask is dirty.

Face Shield Masks

A face shield is a curved plastic connected to a headband that you wear over the face. Face shields are effective because they extend from the forehead to the chin. They shield the whole face from any droplets from a surrounding person. A face shield reduces exposure from outside particles by 96%. Since face shields are open at the bottom, health experts advise that you wear a cloth or a surgical face mask beneath the face shield.

Every person must protect themselves and others against COVID-19. Wearing a mask, as we have been continuously advised, remains the best method to do so. If you are able, get the N95 mask to fight the COVID-19.