Top 5 Positive Love/Dating Affirmations to attract your soulmate

If you’re in a mature age and currently single, perhaps you equate the task of seeking your soulmate with some mythical quest! Here’s some advice – try out online dating. The amount of and diversity in dating sites has expanded dramatically over the last few years and they have a broad membership base of diverse users looking for many different types of relationships.  More and more mature people are going online to connect with prospective partners these days because this platform will guarantee their chances of meeting a soulmate increase greatly. These websites are geared towards matching mature singles according to compatibility, as well as providing tools to help you develop a rapport. To help you make the most of your search to attract ‘the one,’ here are five of the best aspirations to take on board.

“My heart is always open to the strongest of emotions.”

For you to have the best chance of discovering your soulmate, you need to approach this from a position of positivity and strong self-esteem. Although some days your mood will make this more difficult than others, try and focus on allowing gloomy thoughts to seep from your consciousness. Instead, look upon your heart as the most important part of your being, a place that is always aglow with possibilities. The bottom line is that if you are prepared to accept love, internally and externally, you will be ready for engaging with a kindred spirit to optimum effect.

“I am not afraid to be noticed.”

You should treat seeking a soulmate as a quest, rather than some vague hope you might bump into someone worthwhile eventually. So this affirmation is all about having the courage to commit to this search, and the best way to do this is to be confident in yourself. Always strive to present the best image to others, in terms of how you dress or have styled your hair, but even more importantly, where your inner resolve and character are concerned. If you feel good inside and appreciate this, you’ll be in a better position for socializing.

“I feel most comfortable in a loving environment.”

Your chances of attracting ‘the one’ will increase if you immerse yourself in love. How do you get on with everyone in your immediate social circle? Do you feel comfortable with your close family and friends, feel loved, and are always prepared to reciprocate these positive feelings? Is there anyone on the periphery, perhaps acquaintances you don’t know as well, who have a habit of bringing the mood down? Do these people often snipe on social media, and make digs at others? It’s time to try and edit them out of the picture. You don’t have to ‘unfriend’ them, but do take steps to avoid their negativity.

“I will find love, whether the stars are aligned, or not.”

Some people like to defer their search for someone special by circumventing their responsibilities. They’ll take the point of view that “whatever will be, will be,” or “it will happen when fate decrees it.” That’s not the way to go about this at all. Approach your journey towards contentment from the point of view that you will find love, not when some abstract set of circumstances fall into place. Because you are taking all the right steps to do so, these are the measures that will guarantee success.

“I am happiest when I am in control of my destiny.”

Similar to the previous point, the final affirmation is placing yourself at the center of everything you do, and stop being reliant on factors you can’t influence. This isn’t a selfish or self-fixated motivation. It’s all about simply accepting that you count, and just because you choose to put yourself in the driving seat doesn’t mean you are any less caring towards anyone else.