Top Effective Hair Restoration Treatments That You Might Want To Consider

Hair loss has been a recurring problem with people seeking new methods to reduce its effects. Hair indeed is one of the most attractive traits of an individual, and losing it can affect confidence. However, in most cases, the loss is preventable, curable, and can be restored with ease. And with the new advances in cosmetic medicine, in case nothing else works there is always a permanent solution to the problem. Therefore do not fall into distress as we’ll discuss some effective hair restoration treatments that will result in guaranteed success.

Hormonal therapy 

One of the reasons often triggering hair loss except genetic factors is hormonal imbalance. Cortisol, or the stress hormone, is one of the most often causes of sudden hair loss, and considering our modern lifestyle is just perfect for inducing stress it is no wonder that more and more people have issues regarding high levels of stress. Cortisol essentially helps our body deal with stress and together with adrenaline is one of the essential survival hormones we need. However, with high levels of stress, the excess cortisol in our body might trigger an autoimmune response, alopecia is one example, resulting in sudden blading or hair loss. Insulin, is second on the list and is linked with losing your hair, and can be spiked often as a result of a poor diet, lack of exercise, excessive sugar, and carb intake, and other factors. Estrogen especially in women, or high levels of estrogen can cause a similar effect on hair. During pregnancy, many have had a problem with losing hair, as estrogen levels are known to go up causing instability in the body. 

The treatment essentially involves balancing out the hormones in your body to get things to where they were. This can be done in several ways, injections might be used in some cases, change of lifestyle and diet plan, and sometimes pills to reduce the harmful effects. You’ll need to see a doctor first and make sure to know exactly what causes it in your case, however, the success right depends on your persistence in the treatment and determination to achieve the goal. 

Hair transplants 

Cosmetic medicine, fortunately, has helped thousands to achieve mental stability and boost their confidence. It gave many a second chance, and treatment such as laser tattoo removal, reducing scratch marks after birth, or getting rid of excess saggy skin after a weight loss journey has made it possible for a large number of people to go back to their normal lives. One such example is hair transplant, something quite popular in recent years, and the success rate is almost surprisingly high. The costs are not low, and you can always look for a personalized hair transplant price quote, as it can vary depending on the particular case and individual. Yet again, the results are immediate and visible within the first months. Once the new hair follicles adapt to the new surrounding, it is only a matter of time until they start regrowing thereby covering the areas with no hair or very little. Before the procedure, many had to make amends with lost hair which greatly affects their confidence and self-belief. It also used to cost much more, with prices so high the privilege was only available to the super-rich. Thankfully, it soon got commercialized and became available to the average working man, looking for a way to cover the boldness. 

Diet change 

Hair loss is often associated with a poor diet and serious deficiency in crucial vitamins we need. Two vitamins are often linked to sudden hair loss, vitamin D and B. Now, both these vitamins can be found in excess in different foods, vegetables, and now in the form of pills and supplements. Yet again, people can be deficient in these vitamins, together with Zinc which also plays an important role, due to a poor diet and a lot of sugar and fat intake. The natural way to improve the hair is by taking these vitamins, getting enough of all the other nurtures, exercising, and of course, increasing the daily protein intake. Proteins are the building blocks of the body, and that goes for hair as well. Therefore, simply introducing foods rich in these vitamins, and even using cosmic products externally, which incorporate these vitamins, can change your boldness for the better. Also, exercise is another key component of the whole story as it triggers the release of hormones that boost the immune system and the regenerative abilities of the body.

Plasma injections, minoxidil, and micro-needling 

Plasma injections are a relatively new method and treatment strategy used in combating hair loss. It proved quite effective in people who are not genetically prone to hair loss and suffer baldness as a consequence of other factors such as chemotherapy. The dermatologist takes a sample of your blood and after separating it from the plasma, injects it into the affected area. This is of course an oversimplification of the whole procedure, and what it does triggers the regenerative properties of the cells to heal and regrow new cells. Minoxidil also became popular and has proven quite effective, you can now buy it in the form of shampoos and foam ( rogaine) and apple it over longer periods. 

Microneedling is an interesting solution and most people use it to apply the treatment on their own at home. However it is always better to pay a professional rather than doing it yourself, and essentially the results are better. With small needles little incisions are made in the affected area, boosting the blood flow and healing factor, thereby increasing hair growth. 

All these methods can be quite effective, although we do recommend looking at the exact reason which causes the hair loss, as a small lifestyle change can do wonders.