Why do we twitch right before falling asleep?

Twitch right before falling asleep is not a disease, but it is very annoying, especially at the moment when you lose control of conscious life and fall asleep.

twitch before sleep

Twitch before falling asleep is common at any age.

Twitch right before falling asleep is not a disease. However, its deserves our attention. It is a slight cramp, usually caused by several factors, including extreme tiredness, low temperature in the room, anxiety or stress.

To find out why this happens, it is important to know what happens with the body at the time before falling asleep. When we fall asleep, our blood pressure and respiratory rate decrease. The body functions slow down, and body temperature drops.

However, it is important to know that our brain function gradually slow down – not in seconds, but within minutes. It is not possible to fall into a deep sleep within seconds.

Breathing deepens, eye movement changes, heart rate slows, and it all culminates in a few seconds before fall into a deep sleep. At this point, our body works on “standby”.

Twitch causes a rapid heartbeat, sweat, quickened breathing, sweat, and in rare cases, temporary memory loss, shock or anxiety.

What causes twitch before sleep?

  • lack of sleep (immense tiredness)
  • loud sound stimulus
  • low body temperature

How to avoid twitch right before falling asleep?

  • exercise at least three hours before bedtime
  • avoid greasy and fatty foods before bedtime
  • go to bed with peace of mind and without stress
  • sleep in a quiet environment

Simply put, twitch is a signal that your body is still working at 100%, and is not sufficiently prepared for a deep and restful sleep. Relax and breathe, or drink clean water without bubbles a little while before bedtime.