Ultimate Guide to Staying Cool at Night for Hot Sleepers

If you ever experienced a problem of overheating during sleep, you’ll be surprised to know that it’s not a rare thing. According to the data of the National Center for Biotechnology, 41% of 2,267 respondents are suffering from sweats at night. Sleep hyperhidrosis is commonly caused by different physical or medical issues, and you should see the doctor first. Meanwhile, you can use some tips to make your sleep conditions more comfortable.

Revise Your Bedding

First, avoid synthetic and blended materials in your bedding. Polyester doesn’t absorb moisture; so, you feel sweaty all night. The best option is to purchase a duvet cover set from natural fibers:

  • Cotton, which helps to take away the heat of your body and maintain a comfortable temperature.
  • Bamboo, widely known for its antibacterial features.
  • Tencel, hypoallergenic and moisture-absorption fabric.
  • Lyocell, an exceptionally smooth and silky material for sensitive skin.

Some brands produce special linen from microfiber – breathable and lightweight material, commonly used for sports and athletic needs. Bedding from this fiber dries very fast; so, you’ll never wake up in a puddle of sweat.

Lighten the Covering

Change your regular layers for lighter ones. Keep heavy down comforters and duvets for eternally freezing people, don’t use additional sheets. Opt for the lowest duvet or lightweight comforters filled with wool. While the down holds and heats the air, the wool-filled bedding provides good air circulation and helps to regulate body temperature.

Cooling comforter filled with tencel or merino wool fiber is the best investment for warm sleepers. You can also take a look at the summer lightweight comforters filled with synthetic down alternatives specially designed for people with feather allergies.

Check Your Mattress Support

Despite their popularity, foam mattresses restrict airflow and keep the sleeper’s body hot. Memory foam contours a person’s body and traps the heat. If it’s possible, purchase a pocket sprung support layer, which is far more breathable and can really keep you cool at night.

The newest invention – a climate-control mattress – can analyze your temperature and measure humidity during the night. Water tubes built into the ‘smart’ mattress can optimize the temperature in your bed and give you perfect sleep.

Don’t worry if you can’t afford such a pricey technology. To protect your mattress from overheating, you can just buy mattress topper. It will protect you from dipping into foam and waking from body heat. Toppers are usually made from cotton and wool; so, you can enjoy the freshness during the night without throwing away your old mattress.