Why Indoor Flowers Grow Poorly

Are you familiar with the situation when you struggle with all your might for the life of your favorite plant, and someone else has the same flower that feels great without much care? As surprising as it may seem, it’s just a combination of circumstances. It is possible that the gardener oneself, without knowing it, has created ideal conditions for the flower.

For your flowers to grow well, it is necessary to follow several steps. Of course, sometimes not everything depends on you and you just can’t influence the situation. But in most cases, you still can do something to help your flowers and plants grow without any problems. First of all, you should buy only healthy plants. Carefully check them in the shop and if you are buying cheap Daffodil bulbs or seeds, you should choose only reliable and authoritative sellers. This will guarantee that the plants won’t die soon. If you already have a plant, then follow similar simple tips that will make your life easier.

1. Choose the Right Place for Your Plants

The temptation to decorate the interior with indoor flowers is sometimes so great that we forget what is really essential to consider. You can place cacti in the back of the room or put saintpaulias on the south windowsill, but how good will they feel there?

Study the needs of a plant for light before bringing it into the house – you may simply not have the right conditions for it. Even if the mistake does not become disastrous, you still will not see it in all its glory, closing your eyes to the laws of nature.

2. Consider Your Flower Care Preferences

Some of us regularly overwater the plants, some, on the contrary, remember about it with a huge delay. Turn your flaw into dignity and choose the types that are most suitable for you. Can’t resist watering? Get cyperus, abutilon, or, for example, coleus. Do you suffer from forgetfulness? Look out for aloe and other succulents.

The same applies to fertilization and replanting: there are species that are very demanding on soil fertility, as well as those that are characterized by rapid development. If you know that you are not inclined to regular care, it is better to give preference to the ascetics of the flora world.

3. Don’t Forget to Clean the Plants

And the last thing, which, unfortunately, many people forget. Dust on the leaves not only spoils their appearance but also causes poor development and the appearance of diseases. Do not forget to clean your indoor flowers and inspect them from time to time so that you can take action in time if the hygiene was inadequate. It is essential to observe this rule in the winter months when the air humidity is lower and much more dust settles.

Just these three tips will help you to deal with possible problems and prevent them in the future. Don’t hesitate to find out more about each of your plants and provide them with proper care.