Why Is Controlled Environment Agriculture Important For Growing Facilities?

Before we get into discussing why CEA is important for growing facilities, we need to know what controlled environment agriculture is and what it does. So, basically, a controlled environment agriculture system is a mix of several aspects.

These aspects include engineering and greenhouse effect controlling technologies that are automatic or managed by computers. This is important to make sure the plants are grown in optimum conditions. It ensures the high growth, quality, and productivity of the plant.

It allows the plant to generate dollars for the cultivator efficiently. Surna Cultivation Technologies can help you in maintaining a controlled environment in agriculture as well. They provide the equipment needed for CEA.

Importance of Controlled Environment Agriculture

Farmers and cultivators can achieve the right amount of temperature, lighting, ventilation, heating, cooling, and humidity levels using controlled environment agriculture. For growing facilities, CEA is important for the following reasons:

Different Needs:

Every plant has different needs. Some work under minimal stress levels, while others work under a lot of stress. The CEA would help them in providing the right levels of stress, which would directly impact the quality and taste of the plant.

Need for Fewer Workers:

If you use the CEA concept, then you would not need that many workers. Some workers are also seasonal, suiting the seasonal needs of all the plants. Considering the pandemic, this has become difficult, so the CEA helps you in reducing the need for workers, which lowers your cost.

Less Need for Land:

When your farm is operating vertically rather than horizontally, you would need less land than before. Considering that land is a finite resource, it is very useful for us.

Organic Production:

In a controlled environment agriculture system, you do not use any type of external agents for your plant growth. So there are no pesticides involved as there are no pests. Pests will become a problem if the conditions are not optimal. If the environment is controlled, then you do not need to worry about this.

No Waste:

The CEA system ensures that the crop does not go to waste because everything is automated. So, even when the crop is under cultivation, they do not have to worry about the plant being targeted by pests, insects, bacteria, or any other disease. This ensures a high yield as well.

Lower Need for Water:

If a plant is being grown under the CEA, then it would need a 95% lesser amount of water. They also are considering the option of rainwater for the crops now. This is a huge factor as every crop needs a lot of water for its growth which can be a huge expense as well.

Faster Growth:

When a plant has everything that it needs to grow, and by that, we are talking about the right temperature, heating, ventilation, cooling, lighting, and humidity level, then the plant would obviously grow a lot faster. If the plant grows faster, you will be able to earn returns at a faster rate as well.

Listed above are all the benefits of controlled environment agriculture. If you have enough investments available, then this should be a go-to system for you because it would ensure not only high yields but also high reliability.