Why to Use a Reliable Transcription Service?

Nowadays, professional transcription service is a choice of successful entrepreneurs and inexperienced startups. Such a service lets users convert speech to text online. Then, these transcriptions can be used for podcast notes, extra written content, etc. As a result, you save a lot of time and effort while caring about the overall quality. You will never achieve the same accuracy on your own as with an automated transcription service. Only in a few clicks, you get a detailed transcription that saves all nuances of the calls, meetings, and webinars. The provided opportunities are endless in case you choose a reliable online transcriber. So, let’s look at the list of the best academic transcription services in 2021 that are worth your attention.

What Are Leading Transcription Services?

Many academic transcription companies are ready to transcribe your audio. Still, these are the most popular services which have managed to gain popularity and prove to be trustworthy:

1. Transcriberry

Transcriberry is a popular provider that is gaining a leading position in the market. A trustworthy service offers top-quality transcription of audio and video files. Here you can order the help of human transcribers or take advantage of AI solutions. Despite the option you choose, the top-notch result is guaranteed. A turnaround for short files is 24 hours and 36 hours for longer files. The service promises 99% accuracy for the human transcription option. Price starts at $1.25 for a minute (human transcription) and 25¢ for a minute (AI transcription).

2. Rev

Rev is one of the most popular providers that comes with plenty of various related services. Among the most remarkable are captions, video/audio transcriptions, translations, subtitles, etc. Even though it can’t be called the fastest service, you will get your order quite quickly. The provider uses a unique approach that gives the best possible outcome. It is speech recognition AI inexperienced hands of human transcribers. Moreover, Rev supports live captions for webinars and meetings in Zoom. You can create subtitles for your video in any of the supported foreign languages. Last but not least is an application for Android and iPhone that lets you transcribe audio or perform any other necessary action in just a single click. Prices start at $1.25 for a minute (human) and $0.25 for a minute (automated).

3. Scribie

This is a famous transcription provider where you can order both manual and automated transcription services. The platform includes a variety of features for any budget. The entire process of working with Scribie is simple and quick. The turnaround is 36 hours. Besides transсription itself, you have the opportunity to add time coding, speaker tracking, subtitle file, etc. You are allowed to use both ready and working versions of documents, and in any case, you will surely be satisfied with the quality. So, if you choose Scribie, you need to upload a necessary file, select a payment plan, and wait for the file to return to you. Price starts at $0.80 per minute (manual) and $0.10 per minute (automated)

4. Sonix

It is a completely automated transcription service; hence you can be sure that the speed is very fast, and with no human transcribers involved, you will not deal with any errors or uncertainties. At the same time, you should be ready that some difficult words or other details may be lost. Low prices and user-friendly interfaces make this service popular with clients. An in-browser editor will let you polish the transcript. Among other included options are commenting, subtitles, notes, word-to-word timestamps, collaboration features, speaker labeling, etc. Price starts at $0.17 for a minute of audio.

5. GoTranscript

This service has a reputation of one of the most accurate. With the support of 48 different languages, it can cope with the most complex accents. The turnaround is quick, especially if you remember about manual transcription for difficult topics. Still, if you are not based in Great Britain, using this service will not be very convenient since the time zone impacts the time quotes. The prices are affordable at $0.90 for a minute of audio.

6. GMR Transcription

It provides both human and AI automated transcription services. What lets this platform stand out in the crowd is the option of transcribing physical documents into an electronic file. The companies that aim to decrease the amount of paperwork, this service seems to be perfect. The quality of delivered services is quite good, but you have to pay more in comparison to other titles from this list, while turnaround is slower. The cost is $1.25 for a minute of audio.

7. 3Play Media

It is another competent service that offers a wide range of related services. Among them are translations, subtitles, live captioning, audio description, transcription, etc. The service offers you three plans to choose from Express, Pro, and Enterprise. Despite the plan you choose, the service guarantees 99% accuracy. The turnaround varies from 2 hours to 10 days.

What is the Best Transcription Service for You?

After reviewing all popular video and audio transcription services, there is no doubt that Transcriberry is the best choice for you. With affordable prices, fast turnaround, user-friendly ordering process, 99% accuracy guarantee, you will surely get a top-quality result. Aside from all mentioned services, the market can offer you plenty of other companies. If we mention them in this list, it would be even more difficult for you to make a final choice. Hence, we recommend visiting the website of the best service and checking the details. In case of any questions, feel free to get in touch with a support system of the service.