10 Superstitions About Money That You Should Know (But Not Always Believe)

We live in a world where money rules everything and anything. And it’s not hard to see why – today, the value of money goes beyond what we can actually use it for. In fact, some people have such a tight grip on their money that they will do and think anything to save it.

But while some people are obsessed with money and think about it constantly, other people know very little about it. In this article, we will not discuss how to save or spend money, but we will look at some superstitions dealing with money.

Whether you believe in superstitions or not, these superstitions have been passed on for generations. So take a look at this list and see if any of these superstitions have been around your family!

superstitions about money

You should never carry a bill in your pocket

Many people believe that you should never carry a bill in your pocket because it will attract negative energy. They say that if you do carry a bill, it will bring bad luck and the money will disappear.

Others believe that carrying specifically a $1 bill would be the worst thing to do because they think it is unlucky. However, since many people don’t carry cash anymore, this superstition doesn’t really apply to most people nowadays. But still, it’s good to remember this superstition..because you never know!

You should never spend money you haven’t earned

Do you feel anxious when you spend money that you haven’t yet earned? If so, then this superstition might apply to you. This superstition is one of the most common ones and it stems from a very old belief that if we spend money before we earn it, then our luck will run out. While there is no scientific evidence to back this up, many people still believe in this superstition.

Additionally, some people believe that the Law of Chance will work against them or their families if they spend money before they have earned it.

It’s bad luck to see a coin

This superstition is about seeing a coin on the ground. If you see a coin and pick it up, this represents an extra expense for your day. To avoid this, you should avert your eyes from the coin and try to walk away from it.

On the other hand, other people believe that when they find a coin on the ground, it is a gift that they must take and carry with them for good luck. Who knows what the truth is!

Never Put Money In A Yellow Envelope

The reason why this superstition exists is that the color yellow signifies death and fate. Therefore, it’s not good to put your money in a yellow envelope because it might signify that you are giving away your fate.

Don’t Walk Under a ladder

walk under ladder superstition

This superstition is actually pretty common. It’s simply a case of bad luck that comes with the presence of a ladder. The idea behind this superstition is that ladders are used to climb up and so represent the hierarchical structure in society, which is why people associate them with power. So, when you walk under one, it’s as if you are challenging or stepping on the power of whoever “owns” the ladder.

Another theory is that superstition originated during the Middle Ages when people believed that walking under a ladder could cause them to be cursed by evil spirits. Whatever the origins of this superstition, it is still widely believed today. Many people avoid walking under ladders, even if they don’t believe in this superstition.

Don’t spend it on love

The superstition “don’t spend your money on love” is a Chinese belief that stems from the idea that “love comes free.” The thought is that if you spend too much on love, then there will be nothing left for anything else in life.

If you want to pursue love, then don’t spend your money on it!

Always Have a Coin In Your Pocket

There are many superstitions about having a coin in your pocket. One of them is that if you put a coin in your pocket, you will never be broke. You should also know that carrying a penny won’t bring you bad luck – instead, it will bring you wealth and good luck.

And if you want to attract money into your life, it wouldn’t hurt to keep some change on you at all times! Some people believe that if you have coins in your pocket, you will be lucky throughout the day.

Don’t Put Money on the Table

If you want to bring money into your life, do not put money on the table. This superstition may have originated from the belief that money is unclean and should not be placed on the table. Another explanation is that putting money on the table is a sign of greed and will attract evil spirits.

You Shouldn’t Look Into a Woolen Purse

One of the superstitions about money is that it is bad luck to have a woolen purse. It’s said that if you put your hand in a woolen purse, you will get all of your fingers stuck in the wool and break them. This is an old superstition that was around before we obviously had plastic or leather purses.

Itchy palms

This superstition is particularly common in Europe and Asia, where it is believed that an itchy right palm means that you will receive money, while an itchy left palm means that you will have to pay someone.

However, some nations believe in the opposite, that when their left palm is itching, they will receive money, and when their right palm is itching, they will give money away. The second option works for me personally, for example, because every time I have an itchy right palm, I have to pay something, usually something unexpected. Read more about the itchy palms superstitions here.


There are a lot of superstitions about money. Some of them are based on tradition, while others are based on religious beliefs. It’s important to keep in mind that these beliefs were made many years ago, and they might not be as relevant in our world today. But who knows! I believe in the saying that “every statement contains a kernel of truth“.