11 Time Savings Tips for Students

1. Realize the strength of the student ticket

Student ticket is not just insurance from the plaid workers of the military commissariat, but also an excellent discount card that will allow you to attend for free or with a solid discount of theatrical performances, exhibitions, museums and movies. You can find out information about discounts and other options for students on the websites of universities and cultural institutions. And never forget to take a student card with you, because it is unknown when and where he can come in handy.

2. Find a good homework help service

Writing an essay itself is a clock spent in the library, it is stressful, and at the exit is not well done work. What is this all for? If you can just turn to professionals and get a unique job!

As a rule, the most difficult thing in writing the essay becomes just a translation into the written kind of abstracts – own thoughts. Students with analytical, “technical” warehouses of the mind are most inclined to such difficulties. In the event that knowledge and thoughts are present, and the time for their presentation is not enough, resort to small tricks – acquire an essay to order. The task of writing an essay can be an obstacle on the way to the desired test, exam, university or work. But it is easy to eliminate it – you can simply pay for essay and continue to engage in that area of ​​activity that is really important in a certain specialty.

3. Change the day of the day

Do not waste nights preparing tasks and try to fulfill them in the afternoon. Changing the mode will save your nervous system from stress, will save electricity and always come to classes in good health and with fresh heads.

4. Do not abuse meat and cafes

Get rid of the habit of eating in a cafe and in the canteens. It is expensive and impractical, moreover, the taste of food from the catering does not always correspond to your expectations. Prepare lunch yourself and take with you to classes. You will not just save money, but maybe learn how to cook.

5. Purchased in hypermarkets

Products are better purchased in hypermarkets: there and prices are lower than in the shops within walking distance, and profitable discount shares happen regularly. In most hypermarkets there are systems of incentives, therefore the highest pilot of savings – to acquire a card of a regular buyer and a list of purchases. Buying in hypermarkets only products from the list, for example, long-term storage products: cereals, flour, salt, sugar and tea, you will get the maximum profit.

6. Engage in physical culture

Physical education in the university, many students consider as an unnecessary service, and very in vain. These classes are the best fitness alternatives, besides completely free. Note that the sports halls of many universities are equipped better than commercial analogues, and offer, besides, a variety of classes in the range from swimming and athletics to free struggle and team games. Prices of similar proposals for commercial halls are translated.

7. Do not spend on the stationery

In school, we used to conduct different notebooks for different items, but universities are more democratic: Abstracts can be conducted in one common notebook, dividing blocks of abstracts in different subjects of stickers, or all entries in Google Docs electronic documents. This will allow you to save on the stationery.

8. Forget about bars and restaurants

Let’s start with the fact that the Ministry of Health does not in vain warn about the dangers of drinking alcoholic beverages. In addition, alcohol is becoming more expensive and can harm not only your health, but also well-being. And if you still want to celebrate a memorable date or spend time in the noisy company of friends, try to buy alcohol in retail stores, and rest at home. Then you do not have to overpay in establishments, because prices for food and alcohol in bars and restaurants are higher than in the nearby 24-hour or hypermarket.

9. Remove housing by post

Life in the hostel is not suitable for all students, and independent rental housing in a big city will cost a penny. But it is still not worth a despond: you can always unite with friends and rent an apartment to exploit. Conditions in such housing although they will remotely resemble a hostel, but, firstly, there will be more free space in here and, secondly, there is no obsessive control, the time of receiving guests, fines and visits of the commandant, dissatisfied with the noise or the state of your Rooms.

10. Find a part-time

Permanent work, as a rule, does not benefit the performance of students, however, and for one scholarship, you can hardly be able to live. Websites for employment and recruitment agencies will help to find a suitable part-around. Temporary work will help it easier to adapt to the conditions of adulthood and hone the professional skills obtained in the university. Immediately warned that the salary will not always be great, but the part-time job will help to scatter a certain amount to a new smartphone or a tourist trip.

11. Get rid of unnecessary things

Freshmen, just entered as a student, as well as you seek to save money, and you have a lot of textbooks, abstract lectures and materials to prepare for exams. Young students are full of junior maximalism and the desire to gain knowledge by all possible ways, so you will be happy to buy things that, otherwise, the dead cargo will be shaved to dust on the mezzanine.