12 Signs To Tell If A Gemini Likes You

Geminis can be quite hard to read. I’d say they are more like a technical book than a historical novel. Whether you try to read them in all possible ways, you will constantly return to certain sections, and you’ll do all your best to understand every single point in the book, in the section, in the paragraph, even in the word.

Sounds a little complicated, right?

Don’t worry, there are still a few ways to tell if a Gemini likes you. And some of them are more than obvious.

how to tell if a gemini likes you

#1 Communication says it all

Geminis are known for their communication skills. And it makes sense since Mercury (The Messenger) is their ruling planet. Geminis can be found among famous journalists, writers, TV hosts, in the travel industry, and everywhere that has to do something with communication and transportation.

If a Gemini talks to you a lot on a regular basis, regularly respond to your messages or actively engage in your social media posts, it is a clear sign that they like you.

If they’re into you, they will always find a way to be in touch with you, whether they are taking a shower or fueling their car at the gas station. They’ll make an extra effort to communicate with you at every chance possible. They’re able to bypass five cafes in town in order to connect to wi-fi, stop the car in the middle of the road or hold the queue in the store just to reply to your text.

Their text messages will be rich in emojis, nurturing, encouraging, creative, intellectual, but most of all, quite long. It is one of the most obvious and eye-catching signs they like you since Geminis (though they are considered being the best communicators in the zodiac) are not such “communicative predators” with everyone.

#2 They’ll always make time

It’s not so long ago since I talked to one of my good friends who, just like me, was born under the sun sign of Gemini. “What are you doing?“ I asked her. “I’m doing this and that, really don’t know what to do first, time flies so fast!“ The funny thing is that she’s been unemployed since 2016, but she is always busy, and, as she always says, she actually has to make time to have time. How funny, isn’t it?

Geminis are renowned multi-taskers and the fact that time flies or that 24 hours is not enough for one day you can most often hear coming out of the mouth of this zodiac sign. They need to stimulate their brain cells, either through thinking or through physical activity, hence doing so many things and thinking so many thoughts at once.

If they find time for you in their busy schedule, that’s obviously a very clear sign that they like you.

#3 Mercurial body language

Every astrological sign rules a certain part of the body. Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, is ruled by the head, while the Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac, is ruled by their feet. Gemini, as the third sign of the zodiac, governs the lungs, shoulders, and hands (means of communication) and these body parts, especially the hands, are very sensitive and the center of their attention.

If a Gemini likes you, they will probably stare at your hands and do something with their own hands at the same time; either touch them, play with their fingers or rings, or touch something else. They may seem nervous because of the constant movements with their hands or looking down at them. However, this is just such an unconscious signal that they like you.

In addition to the lungs, shoulders, and hands, Gemini is also ruling the nervous system, and nervousness will definitely be in the play if they like you.

#4 They will bombard you with a bunch of questions

A Gemini is usually very picky and selective when choosing a partner. When they bombard you with a bunch of questions, especially those about what you like, your experiences or opinions, they obviously are interested in you more than in anyone else.

Geminis have a very hard time settling down and before they do so, they need to collect as much information as possible. Even though they’re considered to be a fickle sign with a fractured mind, and it’s quite common for them to forget things because of their unstoppable roundabout of thoughts in the head, if they remember all of your answers to their questions, all the things you like or don’t like, even the smallest ones, and mention it later in the conversation or make jokes about that, you don’t even have to guess whether they like you or not..because they are into you!

#5 They’ll teach you

Mental and intellectual, the first air sign of the zodiac, Gemini love to gain new information and knowledge. If you ask a Gemini for their favorite book genre, you’ll hear the genre of self-improvement. And if it is not their most favorite genre, I’m sure it will be in their TOP 3 favorite genres.

Gemini wants to know something from everything. We love the acquisition of knowledge and we love sharing knowledge.

If a Gemini wants to teach you or tries to explain you something on a deeper level, consider it as a pretty clear sign they want to include you in their narrow circle because they do not share their knowledge with everyone. They just don’t.

Someone may take it as an insult that Gemini wants to teach you something, but they actually do it because they like you!

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#6 Gift giving

Gemini’s creativity is always running high.

Believe me, if a Gemini was supposed to give you a rose, it would be either a rose made of candies or a rose of a very unusual color. If it were gloves, one would be purple with pink hearts and the other one would be white with black birds. And if it would be possible, they will give you gloves with your name on them.

When it comes to giving gifts, the original or funny thing is what you can expect from a Gemini. A gift from them reflects their creative spirit and attentive mind, as they may very possibly give you something very specific for you, something they’ve noticed about you, even without telling them.

After all, they are good at doing their own research about you.

#7 They include you in their experience

Gemini wants to try new things, lit their adventurous spirit and experience as many “first times” or “never dones before” as possible. If the Mercurial child includes you in their experience, they either like you, or you’re somehow special to them.

They will want to constantly do fun and exciting things with you, offer you something different or unusual, and they will want to be around you as often as possible.

If it’s something they’ve never done before in their life and they want to do it with you, consider yourself lucky (unless they want to dive with sharks or eat the most disgusting food on the planet) 🙂

#8 Eye contact

Eye contact is a classic indicator, no matter what your zodiac sign is. However, when it comes to Gemini, there’s something that might tell you that Gemini likes you. Gemini is an observer and eye contact with them can be quite confusing. When a Gemini likes you, they can be kinda discreet. At least as far as body language is concerned.

They will stare at you when you aren’t looking, but as soon as you look at them, they’ll keep a very short but intense gaze into your eyes, then move their head and act like nothing.

As soon as you turn your head or start looking elsewhere, they’ll start to look at you again. If you catch them looking at you and they don’t manage to quickly turn their head, they’ll keep the eye contact and smile a little bit so you won’t take that intense gaze so seriously.

Gemini are not good at hiding because their eyes speak for themselves!

#9 They will open up to you

Gemini is not the most emotional sign under the sun. Well, it’s an air sign – fast moving, mental, and intellectual energy – a true opposite of the water signs – emotions, intuition, feelings, and that’s perhaps why they may seem cold or reserved when it comes to emotions or all about feelings.

If a Gemini opens the hidden chapter of their book of life with their troubles and problems, worries and doubts, sensitive things about their family or past, deep desires, or anything evoking emotions in them, this is a pretty clear sign you’re special to them.

Yes, we are a talkative sign, and yes, we can talk about a lot of different topics, but deep issues such as the emotions or anything deeper are the last things we can talk about.

We like to keep our personal life hidden most of the time unless you are someone special or a very close friend. Do not take it as a sign of romantic interest, but in any case, you are somehow special to them.

#10 Mental compliments

Compliments from a Gemini can be pretty much different than compliments you’re used to. If they emphasize your mental qualities, be it intelligence, great idea, reasonable opinion, wise advice or attitude toward life, it’s an indication they like you.

Gemini will praise your beautiful red lips, chestnut-brown eyes, or a magnificent yellow dress with frills, but your brain and verbal ammunition are much more attractive and stimulating to them.

#11 Focus on you

If a Gemini devotes you all of their attention in a room full of people, they undoubtedly like you. It is very difficult for them to not monitor what’s happening around them or to concentrate fully on just one thing.

They can be physically here, but their eyes and ears are everywhere. They are all over the place and concentration is their great difficulty.

If you’re the main object of their attention and they focus their brilliant mind just and only on you, they simply like you. Once they’re attached to someone, they become blind to the rest of the world.

#12  Showing off

Geminis like to show off the special one on their arms. If a Gemini introduces you to their friends or family members, there is a high chance that they like you. Their close ones are their lifeline and, paradoxically, all the people around them will know that they like you earlier than you yourself.


Geminis can be great pilots; after all, the air, as their astrological element, gives them a sense of independence and freedom. They’re always searching for their wings and co-pilot in one, someone who will travel with them around the planet and admire the beauty of the world from a high perspective, someone who will time from time turn their airship in a different direction, but still stay high above clouds where the sun rays have no expiration date and where the final destination is not predetermined.