15 Interesting Facts About Virgo You Probably Didn’t Know About

Virgo is the sixth sign, the center of the entire horoscope. It is an earth sign, along with Taurus and Capricorn, and their ruling planet is Mercury, which they share with Gemini. Virgo has a reputation for being down-to-earth, strict, and pedantic in nature, and the other good qualities are, unfortunately, often overlooked.

Let’s take a look at some interesting things about Virgo, both good and “not too good” that can both surprise and entertain you.

interesting facts about virgo

#1 Obsessed with health(care)

It’s no surprise there are many doctors, nurses, and pharmacists born under the sun sign of Virgo. They are usually very dedicated to their profession and perceive the treatment of other people as their own way of healing or fulfilment of their life mission. Since they are obsessed with health, including their own, they always carry a small first aid kit with them, just in case something happens. And if they don’t have a small first aid kit, they will have several common pain medications in their wallet, purse, or a pocket.

Their obsession with health goes hand in hand with a healthy lifestyle and diets. Virgos will try dozens of diets during their lifetime, but they will not always be able to achieve what they wanted. They tend to get off to a good start, but once something upsets them, they lose hope and strength to continue.

#2 Ruling body parts

Each horoscope sign rules certain parts of the body. While Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, rules the head and brain, the last sign of Pisces governs the feet and toes. Virgo, as the sixth sign of the horoscope, governs the stomach, the digestive system, the appendix, and the pancreas. These are the most sensitive and vulnerable parts of their body. For this reason, Virgos often suffer from diarrhea, stomach cramps, constipation, or other stomach diseases.

If Virgo is your partner, this part of the body (abdomen area) is very sensitive to touch, arousing excitement. Don’t forget that, especially in the bedroom!

virgo interesting facts

#3 Workaholism

Virgo never has enough. Even after a long day at work, they are able to go to another side job or work around their house. Virgos are workaholics, but they regard it more as their content of life. They need to feel that they have done enough during the day or that they made enough money to support their family. Virgos are also willing to sleep two hours less just to do as much as they can. Virgos are versatile and excel in both mental and manual work.

#4 Tidiness & Order

Virgo, as a virgin sign, likes order, and if you think their house is not clean, then look at their documents, books, or spice jars in the kitchen. Everything will be sorted from A to Z. As far as personal hygiene is concerned, Virgos does not lag behind here either. Mostly Virgo man is recognizable at first glance. They have a sense of beauty and purity and usually take care of themselves more than other horoscope signs do.

The Virgo usually has order in their personal belongings or important documents, and if they put something somewhere, they know that they will find it there. They can literally be a pedant or perfectionist in this matter.

#5 Hard time explaining feelings

If anyone has ever told you that Virgo has no feelings, I have to tell you, that’s not true. Virgos have feelings, they just can’t express them the way they want. Their analytical mind is running 24 hours a day and it often happens that they get lost in their thoughts so that they give you their feelings very harshly and in the shortest possible version. As a result, it looks more like a brief announcement than a manifestation of real feelings. It’s not because they don’t know how to express their feelings; they just think and analyze so much that the most important things are filtered out by their minds, and the rest is what they tell you.

#6 The fear of rejection

Virgo is one of the signs of a horoscope who is afraid of rejection. Their fear and constant thought process prevent them from taking the first step or confessing their feelings. A Virgo may even feel rejected before actually being rejected, when they have not confessed their feelings or don’t know how the other person really feels about them.

The analytical sign of Virgo spends more time thinking about why they are not the ideal partner, instead of looking for the good in themselves. Virgos should be more optimistic in this regard and should not overdo it with thinking and analyzing, otherwise, they cannot move forward, nor expect any relationship with this approach.

#7 Doers, not talkers

If you know someone who keeps promising and talking but not taking any action, it’s probably not Virgo. Virgos are known for keeping promises and doing what they said they would do. If Virgo learns that they must do something else at that moment, they will certainly let you know and will fulfill their promise later.

virgo fun facts about virgo

#8 Hard time dealing with compliments

Virgo is by nature a rather pessimistic sign that needs time to build trust in others. They often take the compliments they receive not too seriously and do not know how to react to them. Some Virgos simply accept the compliment with one ear and release it with the other. However, some Virgos are looking for something more behind the compliment and they rather finish their drink and disappear from the horizon of the person who complimented them at the bar. Due to their pessimistic attitude, not every Virgo has high self-esteem. That’s why they don’t believe that the compliment they received is sincere.

#9 Hypochondriacs

Knee or chest pain once in a while makes them feel horrified and worried that they are starting to show serious illness. In fact, it may be just exertion or pain after physical activity, however, the caring Virgo makes a mountain out of a molehill and gives themselves diagnoses that are exaggerated and have nothing to do with their problem. Because of this exaggerated fear, they get stressed and panic basically for no reason. It is a relatively self-destructive feature that Virgos must learn to work on!

virgo interesting facts

#10 Generosity

Even though Virgo believes that money doesn’t grow on trees, they are very generous and will always share with you if they can. Virgo can be greedy only in rare cases, such as an event with people they don’t know or don’t trust. Not only will they not share with them, but they will keep some distance, as is their custom. Generally speaking, Virgos are very generous and would share with you the last piece of food.

#11 Passionate lovers

There is something peculiar about Virgo that attracts a lot of people. At first glance, they seem mysterious and withdrawn, but once they gain your trust and form a relationship with you, their performance in the bedroom will be incomparable! In this respect, Virgos are equally both givers and receivers and they want your time together in the bedroom to be an unforgettable experience for both of you.

Virgos love to experiment and if they get bored in bed or your intimate relationship becomes stereotypical, it’s time to talk about it, otherwise, Virgo will look for pleasure elsewhere.

#12 Loyal partners

This point follows on from the previous one. Virgo is a very loyal sign if there is enough communication and mutual trust in the relationship. They can stand up for their partners and show others how proud they are of them.

#13 They can swear like a trooper

Virgo, portrayed in astrology as a delicate and untouched woman in a white dress, gives the impression of purity and peacefulness. But don’t be fooled. Virgo can be very vulgar!

Upset Virgo’s vocabulary changes rapidly, and if every vulgar word they say would be a brick, then they would build a whole house in one day! Virgo is a refined sign, but if something upsets them (such as human stupidity), they change beyond recognition. This happens sporadically, but it happens.

#14 They need mental stimulation

Virgo and Gemini are two different signs, but they are united by one thing. Actually two! The first is their ruling planet Mercury, a universal messenger, and the second is communication. Although Virgo is not as communicative as Gemini, who can communicate well either verbally or in the written word, Virgos pay more attention to communication than other signs.

Both signs don’t like small talk or talk about something they don’t find interesting or important. While Gemini will try to expand the conversation or follow up on a new, more exciting topic, Virgo prefers to leave, stop replying to messages or phone calls. If for some reason, Virgo ignores or doesn’t communicate with you, now you know why. Both signs, Gemini and Virgo, are mental signs, and once their brain cells are not stimulated, they lose interest, are bored, and prefer to find stimulation somewhere else.

#15 They’re fun to be around with

No matter how serious, down-to-earth or pedantic Virgos may seem to you, they are absolutely fun to be around with. Their sense of humor may be “drier,” as is the case with Capricorn (check these interesting facts about Capricorn), but that doesn’t change the fact that you and Virgo won’t have a lot of deep hearty laugh. It may take some time for Virgo to adapt and relax, but once that happens, I guarantee you will have a lot of fun!

Bottom line

These were 15 interesting facts about Virgos, the virgins of the horoscope. Was any of them familiar to you? Whether Virgo is your friend, parent, sibling, colleague, or partner, understand them and show them that they can trust you. It’s the best way to open the door to their world, where you learn something new and definitely have fun!