15 Wonderful Bedtime Affirmations For a Peaceful Night’s Sleep

Did you know that most people spend up to a third of their life in bed? If we have a good night’s sleep, our cells regenerate faster and the aging process slows down. Good night’s sleep is essential, yet few of us have enough quality rest at night.

Everyday stress that many of us encounter can cause sleep problems or we can have trouble with falling asleep, the sleep quality can be impaired as well as dreams that can be negative.

A good night’s sleep should be your number one priority and positive affirmations can help you achieve this. Say these bedtime affirmations every day before bedtime for at least 10 minutes, preferably until you fall asleep. bedtime affirmations

Bedtime Affirmations For a Peaceful Night’s Sleep

bedtime affirmations
  • It is okay to get a peaceful night’s sleep every night
  • I release all the worries and fears every night before going to sleep so I can sleep soundly and peacefully
  • I am able to fall asleep easily and peacefully
  • I have done my best for today and deserve to have a peaceful sleep
bedtime affirmations
  • Falling asleep quickly is easy for me
  • I deserve to have a restful sleep to recharge my energy and feel fresh in the morning
  • I choose now to dream happy dreams
  • I remember saying every day before bedtime that I did my best and that tomorrow is a new day full of new opportunities
bedtime affirmations

  • I’m ready to fall asleep and wake up tomorrow with lots of energy and optimism
  • I allow myself to completely relax and fall asleep now
  • I shake all negative thoughts out of my head and allow myself to sleep peacefully
  • I feel comfortable and safe
sleep affirmations
  • It’s okay to enjoy a long and good sleep
  • I relax every fiber of my being now and I’m ready to fall asleep easily
  • Sleep is the engine that charges me with strength and optimism

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