22 Affirmations for Morning Anxiety

Some people love to wake up early; some of us are night owls and go to bed when the sun rises. Use these affirmations in any way that suits you and start your day with joy and energy!

morning affirmations

Today is the best day of my life!

  • I gladly get out of bed, ready to start the day
  • I am feeling strong and healthy today
  • I am refreshed and ready to start my day
  • Today I feel strong and purposeful
  • I step into my day fearlessly, with faith and confidence
  • I know I can make this anything I choose
  • I let down emotional walls of resistance today
  • This day is untouched by negativity, I keep it that away
  • Today I choose to begin my day with inspiring thoughts
  • I am always safe and protected
  • I start this day on the right foot
  • I’ve decided to have a wonderful day today
  • I awake with a deep sense of optimism and positivity.
  • I give myself permission to be relaxed and happy today
  • I am happy now, in this moment
  • This day unfolds beautifully for me
  • My new life starts right now
  • Today I have a million reasons to be smiling
  • Today I bless my being with infinite love
  • I accept change with a positive attitude today
  • I choose to enjoy everything I experience today
  • Today I let my life happen smoothly