Positive Affirmations for Sobriety

I know what it’s like to spend the night with friends and tons of alcohol, and wake up in the morning with red eyes, headache, sweating or nausea. Absolutely unpleasant experience!

affirmations for sobriety

I now manifest my decision to feel good in the morning.

affirmations for sobriety

Before going to sleep, drink a large amount of clean water (drink water even during party in between alcoholic drinks) and use the following affirmations to avoid morning sickness.

Repeat these affirmations till you fall asleep.


  • I feel refreshed. Alcohol fades away from my body right now.
  • I am hydrated and healthy.
  • I now manifest my decision to feel good in the morning.
  • I am absolutely fine. I trust my body.
  • I wake up relaxed and sober.
  • My body is free of alcohol. Here and now.
  • I trust my body and I know that I will feel great in the morning.


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