3 Full Moon October 2022 Rituals For Money, Love, And Health

The moon is so often taken for granted that we don’t always consider how it can affect our lives. But it turns out that the moon has a lot of power, especially regarding our well-being as humans and our everyday life on Earth.

Although it might seem cliché, the moon’s phases affect your life. Its light touches everything from plants and animals to humans. And with the proper rituals and habits, you can use these phases to your advantage by using their powers for good in your life rather than trying to fight them.

The upcoming full moon for October 2022 is called the Blood Moon, so why not harness the power of the full moon to improve your finances, health, and love?

#1 Ritual For Money To Perform During The October 2022 Full Moon

Money is the source of ultimate happiness. If you’re unhappy with what you have, it’s time to take action and attract money into your life. Money cannot make you happy, but it can give you access to many things that will bring happiness into your life.

This ritual for money is my favorite and, at the same time, the most effective, and I have performed it during every full moon for many years. Once the time of the full moon comes, go outside with your wallet. Stand where you can see the full moon, open your wallet, close your eyes, and imagine money flying from the moon right into your wallet. As you stand with your wallet open, say the following: “I am so ready to accept xxx dollars into my life,” or “I am so grateful for all the money that flows into my life.”

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#2 Ritual For Love To Perform During The October 2022 Full Moon

full moon candle love magic

Love is a feeling that can give you the strength to fight through all your problems and emerge victorious. It can also be an emotion that makes you feel like running away from everything and everyone. But, you need not run anywhere! Stay put, gather yourself, and start working on some love rituals to attract love with the help of the full moon.

All you need is a pink candle (any shade) and a pin, toothpick, or needle. On the day or night of a full moon, begin by imagining the person you want to attract into your life. Make a mental picture of what your partner should look like and give them any name. Then, carve that name into the candle using a needle or pin while still imagining the person’s face. Finally, light the candle and say: “I am open to love,” “My heart is open to love,” or “I attract (say the name you chose for your person) into my life.

#3 Ritual For Health To Perform During The October 2022 Full Moon

full moon health ritual

Did you know that the full moon is one of nature’s most potent healers? It has long been recognized as a time when our senses are heightened, we feel more energized and inspired, and our bodies are primed for holistic healing and self-care rituals.

Nothing beats the power of nature and the magic of moonlight regarding healing properties. With the proper rituals and practices during the full moon, you can attract better health into your life. The following full moon ritual for health is super easy yet effective!

Pour clean water into a transparent glass and place it where the full moon can be seen. Then grasp the glass of water with both hands and say, “I am ready to cleanse my body and improve my health. Now, in this very moment, I am becoming healthier.” If you have any specific physical difficulties that bother you, formulate your affirmation however you like. Then drink the water. As you drink that water, imagine how it cleanses every cell and every atom in your body.

Final Words

Whether you want to improve your health, open your heart to love, or attract more money into your life, these rituals are very effective; often, the result comes sooner than you expect. Oh, and lest I forget, each time you complete your ritual, express gratitude for what you are trying to attract. The more grateful you are, the more reasons to be thankful you will be given!