5 Best Online Church Services You Can “Attend” While in Quarantine

Have you been feeling disconnected while you’re stuck at home? Take a look at these online church services you can “attend” during quarantine.

In the wake of COVID-19, many church congregations elected to cease their in-person services for a time and instead resort to an online church service.

Not meeting in person for services can be hard for some people, but many churches want to protect people who are more susceptible to the virus and comply with state regulations. 

If you’re wanting to still attend church, consider watching live church services online! It’s easy and convenient, and you don’t worry about coming in contact with someone who might have COVID.

Here are 5 services to tune in to. 

1. Parkway Fellowship

When you turn on online church services, some of them can feel disconnected. But Parkway Fellowship does its best to connect you with relevant teaching, worship, and four convenient times to watch, including on in the evening, if that’s the best time for you. They are located in Richmond, TX.

2. North Point Community Church

Located in Atlanta, this ‘mega-church’ offers online services as well and has thousands of people watch online each week. They take the Bible and even COVID very seriously, even committing to purely online services through the end of the year. If you can’t tune in online, they also have a podcast where you can listen to their sermons as well, which covers a variety of culturally-relevant topics. 

3. Saddleback Church

Despite a pandemic, Saddleback Church is passionate and forward about making sure people still get the teaching they need which staying true to Jesus Christ. Led by pastor Rick Warren, the sermons are full of hope and healing, which is what many people are searching for while staying home away from friends and loved ones. 

4. Life.Church

Life.Church is committed to bringing out the best in every person through a relationship with God. They do have brick-and-mortar locations, but also offer online services, and they are the largest church in the United States with over 70,000 people in attendance per week. Combining a contemporary-modern feel with Biblical truths, they offer messages of hope and desire for people to become the best of themselves. 

5. Rooftop Church

If you’re looking for a more intimate-church feel, Rooftop Church is a community-oriented church in the Midwest that doesn’t take themselves seriously but takes Jesus seriously. With upbeat and meaningful worship and biblically-sound messages, you’ll feel at home at Rooftop church, even from your couch. 

How to Access an Online Church Service

Many churches have taken steps to allow people to access their services more easily because of the pandemic. When you’re ready to watch church online, simply visit the church’s website and follow the links that direct you to online services. There might be leaders or mediators who are interested in learning more about you or welcoming you digitally. 

Having Church Online

While an online church service may not be ideal for people to meet, it’s important to stay connected as best you can through teaching. Hopefully, these church services will provide the hope we need during a challenging time. 

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