6 Men Retirement Gifts That Will Make Them Shed a Tear

Men retiring is always a sappy moment: there is no avoiding it. The collective always takes a big hit, and the retiring man feels both happy and melancholic. There are many ways to cheer up a retiring person, but one of the most effective is, of course, buying a great gift!

Retirement-Based Gifts

Retirement is a pretty big deal. It marks the end of a whole chapter in a person’s life and the start of another one. An employee leaves their position. Ending a professional career is an incredibly big moment in anyone’s life, and in order to commemorate this moment, you can give these gifts to the retiring man.

50 Awesome Things to Do in Retirement by Berger McDonald

Many men struggle to fill their time up with activities after retiring: they might even get depressed because of this. It is completely understandable, because most men have dedicated their entire lives to creating an exemplary professional career, and the retirement marks the end of it.

So, you can help to deal with this problem by presenting the retiree with this book. Do not expect any tangible advice from this source, as it is a comedy book. It will lighten the retired man’s view on the situation by giving wacky suggestions for activities and hysterical commentary.

After reading such pieces of advice as “Join a Nudist Club!”, “Get a Sex Change”, and my favorite “Smoke Pot”, the retiring man will understand that he can have both fun and an engaging life after he had his retirement party. This book will be perfect for those men who are anxious about their retirement.

Funny Paraphernalia

Another wonderful way to add some charm to the retirement is by gifting some small funny things to the retiring man. This mostly includes clothes and cups with funny, smirky, or sassy prints that relate to retirement.

A couple of great retirement-themed options are an “I am retired and you are not” shirt, “Hello pension, goodbye tension” socks, and “Retired: Not My Problem Anymore” mug. These will keep reminding the retired man how awesome it is to be retired.

Twinkle in Time

Twinkle In Time sell customized star map. You send them a date, and the company delivers to you a star map of a nightly sky at that exact date. Also, you can add your own message to the star map. Such a gift will be perfect for any retiring man, as it will hold a lot of sentimental value.

Although most men do not like to admit it, they are real suckers for sentimental objects. So, a star map of the retirement date will neatly express the gratitude for years and years of hard work and continuously contributing to the success of the company.

According to TwinkleInTime, here are some popular phrases to put on the star map for retiring men: “You have been promoted to the retirement stage of your life!”; “We will never forget the difference you made!”; and “You have been a star, now, take some time to stargaze!”.

Hobby-Based Gifts

With retirement, one gets a lot of free time. So much so that any retired person can take up multiple hobbies and still have tons of time for napping and being a couch potato. Here are some gift ideas to empower the retiring man in an activity-filled life and show that you care about him.

Kool8 Water Bottle

Kool8 water bottle is great for retirees, as this gift emphasizes the importance of staying healthy and leading an active life. If you heard around the office that the retiring man would like to take up running after leaving his position, then there are no other options: Kool8 water bottle will be a perfect choice.

No matter the activity, jogging, running, biking, picnicking, walking – the Kool8 water bottle’s great ergonomic shape and full insulation will be of help. It can keep hot drinks hot up to 12 hours, and cold drinks cold up to 24 hours!

As seen on Waterbottle.io, they have a social program where they give back to those in need for each purchase. So, you could even say that even during his retirement, a person is still helping other people.

Digital Camera

If you like to take risks, and if you are one of the “who dares wins”, then you can gift a new digital camera to the retiring men. As we get older, many of us begin to observe more rather than partake in action.

So, according to Forbes, many retired people take up photography, and this gift might be a major win! However, in some cases, it can result in a complete failure, as the camera may find its way to a dusty shelf and stay there forever unused.

Most current moderately priced cameras are amazing, so, there is no need to break the bank. They all have great sensors, which transfer color and details immaculately. In any case, anyone retiring will be happy to see such a gift.

BBQ Cooking Set

Last but not least, a grill gift set. Most men love to eat meat and to cook it. So, to keep the retiring man entertained, you can gift a BBQ cooking set.

The set includes everything a home chef would need to smoke meats, encompassing flavored wood chips, different recipes, and smoked salt. According to NBC News, there are also healthy options that offer a healthy, easy-on-calories way to cook tasty meat.

Need a Gift for a Retiring Female Coworker?

Do you have a female acquaintance who is retiring soon? If you want to support her in this enormously important transition time, you can gift her something to keep the fighting spirits up. According to GiftWits, here are the best gifts for a woman who is retiring.


In the end, according to the New York Times, by giving someone a retirement gift, you are showing appreciation for their ability to get up in the morning each day regardless of the way they have coped with their work. The gifts in the list above are a great way to show appreciation and make the bittersweet moment of retirement even more wholesome.