7 Wedding Ring Quotes To Use On Your Wedding Day

There are many wedding rings quotes one can relate to these days. They give a new twist to wedding ring symbols, which we didn’t. The quotes are inspiring, witty, and romantic for her and for him. These are ideal ring exchange wording for the wedding day, either by the couple or officiant.

In this post, we’ve come up with 7 promise ring quotes, funny ring quotes, and more. Check out these wise sayings and make your pick!

wedding ring quotes

1. Looking for ring quotes for her? Here’s one to go with. It also applies to the groom. It is ideal for ring exchange and works for both officiant and couple. It emphasizes wedding ring symbols as both connection to each other and a shield from the world. The ring is a perfect source linking the couple. And when the world sees it, they know not to trespass, as she’s taken. See example.

“Wear your wedding ring always. It’s a constant reminder of your connection to your spouse. And a note to the world that you’re off limits.” Dave Willis

2. This is an emotional and romantic one. This is lovely for ring exchange ceremonies. The officiant will tell the audience why the ring goes on the left finger. Being the only finger with a direct vein to the heart is something. It means their souls are now connected to their hearts. And they own each other. Great ring exchange wording for wedding. See example.

“The left finger is where the wedding ring goes. This is because it’s the finger with a vein that connects to the heart.” Unknown

3. If movie quotes about marriage appeal to you, go with this quote. This is a quote that can go from him to her and vice versa. The officiant at a wedding can also make this quote, as it’s realistic. It talks about the dynamics and intricacies of life.

Every stage of our lives surrounds us with circumstantial rings. Whether it’s a boxing ring or a wedding ring. We can also ascribe life to a must have bride box, full of surprises, but happy ones. See example.

“At every stage and relationships in our lives, we’re surrounded by rings of circumstances. We’re also bound by a ring or in a boxing ring.” Bob Seger

4. This is a ring exchange wording funny quote. Comparing a ring to a handcuff is hilarious, but it’s what it is. You get hitched, you get cuffed, but in love. The groom will say this to the bride during the exchange of the rings. But he will say it in love because he is glad to stay cuffed. The officiant can also admonish the couple with this quote. See example

“The world’s smallest handcuffs are wedding rings.” Anonymous

wedding ring quotes

5. This is a deep saying for an officiant at a wedding, during the exchange of rings admonitions. It is the realization that life is dynamic and nothing is permanent. Someday, one day, they’d take their last breath. So, until then, live every day in love like it’s the last. One day, the undertaker or nurse will hand you the ring if your spouse. See example

“Couples buying their wedding rings never want to realize that nothing is forever. One day, one of them will receive the other’s ring from the nurse or undertaker.” Anne Tyler

6. This is one of the best promise ring quotes ever. Sayings from the groom to the bride, and the bride to the groom. This doesn’t leave out the officiant to the couple and audience. The quote is one of the most popular ring exchange quotes for wedding. This quote means that once a person says their vows, they’d stay loyal. They’d put their spouse first over everything and everyone. They’d protect them at all cost. It talks about loyalty, promise, purity, and sanctity of love like the wedding ring. See example.

“The purity and sacredness of love are like that of a wedding ring. So, when you say “I do”, it’s loyalty over everything.” LA Truth Hampton

7. Here is one of the most romantic and factual ring quotes for her. The groom will tell this to the bride during rings exchange. The creation of their love didn’t start from the altar. He loved her and that’s why they are here. He also insists that his love doesn’t need a wedding ring but it’s the only symbol of it. Same also applies to the bride. They can say it to each other. The officiant can also give an address with this quote. See example.

“The creation of love doesn’t begin at the altar. It doesn’t need the validation of a wedding ring.” Marion Davies

We have the best 7 wedding rings quotes above for a wedding. Emotional, hilarious, romantic, inspirational… Make a pick for the wedding.