9 “I AM Affirmations” to Boost Self-Esteem

I am affirmations (and the affirmations of a different kind) are extremely powerful, and we use them to realize who we are and what is our mission on this planet. Positive affirmations are basically positive phrases which you repeat to yourself – they characterize who you are and who you want to be.

The more you focus on positive affirmations, the more you attract positive energy, positive people, circumstances and events. For example – if we want to be rich, we focus on wealth and repeat random positive affirmation several times a day. This is the only way that helps us to achieve our goal(s).

I am WEALTHY and I know it! :: #affirmations #lawofattraction

I am wealthy and I know it!


If you want to attract money, feel as you already have the money. Feel it with all the senses! Keep on asking, and you will receive what you ask for. Once you feel wealthy, you know that you’re wealthy! We become what we think about.


I am highly MOTIVATED! #affirmations #positivethoughts

I am highly motivated


What is motivation and why we need it? We can not live, eat, drink, work or sleep without motivation. Motivation is the engine that drives us forward. A car can not run without engines. We can not earn achievements without motivation. Be motivated and collect achievements!


I am happy with my life! #positivethoughts #affirmations

I am happy with my life


Very simple, but powerful affirmation. I am happy with my life is very general affirmation. You may be happy with your health, love, business, family, success. All this is life.

Stay happy and you will attract happy people or events. The law of attraction works like a mirror.


I am free to be me

I am free to be me

wealth affirmations

Each of us has a mission on this planet. It may be helping other people or animals, or just achieve great personal success. All of this is our mission. We were born to live. Not to survive. Be aware of your great value and cherish yourself. You are amazing! We are all amazing!

wealth affirmations

I am proud to be me

I am proud to be me


Our life is about awareness and you’re the only one who has full control over your life. Be proud of yourself and respect yourself!

You are a unique creation!

confidence affirmations

I am fit & healthy! #positivethoughts #affirmations

I am fit and healthy


Fresh mind, fresh body. No stretch to say that poor people are often sick and that poverty is itself a disease. Stay in balance, think positively and attract the positive factors – health, money, love or happiness.


I AM #affirmations (images)

I am attracting positive people in my life


How to live a positive life with negative people? Nowise! Remember also to attract positive people. Negative people work like a vacuum cleaner – they suck all the energy out of you, and then you’re irritated, sad, angry.


I am full of energy :: #affirmations #positivethoughts

I am full of energy

positive affirmations

Is there anything better than to be full of energy? Feel healthy, successful, attractive, sexy, happy and you’ll be healthy, successful, attractive, sexy and happy! This is what Abraham Hicks teachs us. What we think, we become.

positive affirmations

I am the universe :: #affirmations #positivethoughts

I am the universe


Very simple yet powerful affirmation. What does it mean “I am the universe“? Well, we all are energy as well as money, our home, car or trees. We are the energy, the universe is energy. If you repeat this affirmation as often as possible, you will be connected with the universe – the source of our passions, desires and life itself.

positive affirmations

Think about it.