9 Sure Ways to Screw Your First Date Up

Everyone knows that you cannot unscramble scrambled eggs. The same is about the first impression about your date. You may spend ages together, but these memories will be marked in your mind forever. The same is about a failed date with your crash. Women hardly go on dating if the first meeting was just a waste of time. That is why, if you do not want to mess up you have to check out the horrors of a first date given below.

1. Get drunk as a skunk

One for the road, second for the courage and the third one is for…Well, who cares? Such an alco-course is likely to bury you rather than save from shyness. First, you will smell like garbage. Secondly, you are also to drink with her during a date. Who knows, maybe, she is a hard nut to crack and will order vodka shots. In addition, to the three ones, you drunk in advance. Good luck apologizing for the rude behavior next day and thanking for driving you home.

2. Call her with a wrong name

In most cases, it is an ex’s name. Of course, you can go on proving that Kate fits her better than Julia. Good luck with that, but in fact, women are not so foolish. Therefore, when you have already messed up, try to explain that Kate has been in your mind for years. It was a big challenge to get her away from your life, but you do your best and deserve her forgiveness. Finally, honesty is the most important in relationships.

3. Burst out of tears

Yeah, it happens among men as well. Of course, weeping is a 100% way to become a victim when you did something wrong. What is more, it can be your typical reaction to stress or pressure. However, you cannot demonstrate this intimate treat of the character, when you are complete strangers. In addition, such an activity will make you weak in the eyes of your date. Very small amounts of women are attracted to soft and delicate predators. In most cases, they have psychological disabilities.

4. Make plans

Come on. It is your first meeting and you think about going to the sea together next year or what your parents would do having got acquainted with her? A typical girl especially not aware of what serious relationships are, will likely run away from you that exact night.

5. Complain about life

You hate your boss, the political situation of your country, the way you reach your work place, just ordinary people who do not smile – keep your mouth shut at least today. Because if you don’t, you will look like a trouble guy. A person who was cursed after being born. No wonder, every woman will try to get rid of a bad destiny at the first chance.

6. Talk about money

Especially the lack of it. There is no room for discussing your salary, financial abilities or status during your first date. The maximum of what you can do is paying the bill without beginning a discussion whether it is easy for you or not. You should not also allude that you are rich when you are not. You woman will have certain expectations on your account the dissatisfaction of which will further ruin your relationships making it a rather more painful process than right after the first date.

7. Correct pronunciation or grammar mistakes

It just gets everyone mad. Try to forget about this principle of yours, if you want her to fall in love with you.

8. Pick the wrong place

The places and events that are special for you can be rather weird or detestable for your date. Usually, these things are filled with your fanaticism like a concert of folk music or a new exhibition of poisonous spiders. Let us be honest. These are unsuitable for an ordinary person nowadays and can even shock your date. Therefore, prepare her in advance and ask whether she would enjoy the location.

9. Spend the whole date on Facebook

It happens so often nowadays that a typical guy may even not think that using a phone during a date is rather impolite and improper. Never stare at your phone and politely ask your woman to do the same.