Affirmations for Anxiety: Get Rid of Fear!

It is said that our life is a reflection of our thoughts, so if you suffer from anxiety, it has its own specific reason – probably a bad childhood, frequent loneliness or negative people or aspects around you.

If you had a perfect childhood and can not find a reason of your anxiety, start to think about your past lives. There may be a stumbling block.

Fear is just emotion. Negative emotion. Get rid of it!

Do positive affirmations work?

Yes, positive affirmations work absolutely perfectly. The main goal of positive affirmations is to change your thought patterns – transform negative thoughts and assertions into positive.

Positive affirmations are appreciably tool in any situation and for people of any age or religion. Also, this is a very discreet tool. It is not necessary to repeat positive affirmations aloud (but it has its advantages).

affirmations for anxiety

How long should I use them?

Use positive affirmations as often as possible. The best time to use positive affirmations is the moment before sleep – you are in a relaxed position and your subconscious starts to get into the alpha level.

It is also perfect to use positive affirmations while after awakening, when we are still in the alpha level.

If you are waiting at the bus stop for the bus or in the waiting room at the doctor, do not forget on positive affirmations. Use all your time to your advantage.



  • I am in complete safety
  • I know that the universe supports me
  • I am grateful for all the support
  • Everything is in perfect order
  • I trust my inner voices and intuition
  • I am surrounded by love and loving people
  • I feel relaxed right now
  • I feel independent and free
  • I attract only positive and safe people
  • I free myself from all destructive fears
  • I am willing to release my fears and mental blocks
  • I have enormous ability and power to make changes
  • Every time I feel afraid, I open my heart, because love is the most powerful force in the universe