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Tarot and astrology are two of the oldest and most popular forms of divination. Both contain a wealth of knowledge about our inner selves, our place in the world, and the lessons we need to learn in order to grow. Read our articles on these two mystical topics.


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Aries Man And Unplanned Pregnancy: Here’s His Reaction

You just found out you're pregnant. It was unplanned, and you have no idea how

7 Min Read

Scorpio Man And Unplanned Pregnancy: Here’s His Reaction

You thought you had it all figured out. Your Scorpio guy was committed, you were

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Mars Conjunct Neptune Synastry: The Foggy Attraction

Your head is spinning. You feel drunk in love around this person. But you can't

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Jupiter Square Pluto Synastry: An Intense Yet Growthful Bond

You just met someone new, and there's an undeniable intensity between the two of you.

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Scorpio Sun, Scorpio Moon: Double Intensity And Passion

You have an intense personality that's hard for most people to handle. But that intensity

8 Min Read

Pisces Double Personality Explained (And Exposed)

You know Pisces, those little fish that are said to be one of the nicest

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