Bodybuilding Affirmations

Each one of us at least once in their lifetime wondered about starting a workout routine or going to the gym. We want to feel better in our own skin or we want to look good before the summer begins. Whatever the reason may be, we can agree that we see bodybuilding as the key to feeling better both mentally and physically.

Bodybuilding affirmations

While someone starts working out and is constantly motivated to keep up and achieve their fitness goals, others end up working out as fast as they started. It may be a lack of motivation or impatience; we do not see results and give up too soon.

If you feel like working out doesn’t produce any results, you don’t have enough patience, dedication, motivation, or willpower, try these positive affirmations. For best results, repeat these positive statements a few minutes before you start working out or at any other time of the day when standing in front of the mirror.

muscle growth affirmations
  • My muscles grow bigger every day
  • It’s easy for me to gain muscle mass
  • Exercise is something I enjoy
  • I love myself enough to work out and work on my body
muscle growth affirmations
  • I eat foods that help me gain muscle mass
  • I am highly motivated to build muscle
  • I am a go-getter. If I want to achieve something, I put effort to make it happen
  • I always do the best I can
muscle growth affirmations
  • I love my body more every day
  • I have the power to change my body
  • I have enough sleep because I want my muscles to grow and regenerate properly
  • I have a clear vision of what I want to look like, and I go after it
muscle growth affirmations
  • I’m patient with myself because I know that muscle growth takes time
  • I have set realistic goals that I want to achieve
  • My muscles are slowly but surely growing
  • My muscles recover quickly
muscle growth affirmations
  • I send love to every cell and every muscle in my body
  • Building muscle is my passion and I am great at it
  • I am highly committed to my fitness routine and goals
  • It’s easy to keep up my fitness regime and stay in shape while traveling