Casino Superstitions And Myths Explored

Across the planet, casino game lovers are becoming more and more adept when it comes to improving their play.

Now, there are many new sites offering a wider range of games than ever before, with players able to test their skills on a variety of games from slots to poker to much more.

In reality, casinos have been loved for many years, so much so that casino games have their very own superstitions and myths surrounding the practice. Some say casino games are not fair, others that the practice of counting cards is against the rules. Indeed, there’s no shortage of superstition and myth in the casino world.

Well, in this article, we will be exploring casino superstitions and myths in detail, considering what makes this world so susceptible to misconception and ballyhoo. We will consider one by one some of the most widely believed myths and superstitions before proving them wrong – or right!

So, without further ado, let’s take a peek at the realms of casino myths and superstitions with the top item in our collection.

Winning is all about luck

Whilst it has to be stated that there is some luck involved in terms of casino games, the fact is that plenty of games also necessitate no small amount of skill on the player’s behalf. This is the case more with games like poker and blackjack, though there is also an element of skill when it comes to roulette and slot games too. 

Awareness of strategy, probability and, maybe most vitaly, when to stop play, form a key element of any casino player’s arsenal. If you want to test some of these superstitions out at the best casino sites then visit as they offer reviews and welcome bonuses. 

Casino games aren’t fair

By far the most widely held belief of them all is the idea that casino games are unfair. Some say slots are rigged, others that dices are weighted. In truth though, the reality couldn’t be less so!

Today, this myth and superstition has grown all the more common due to the continuing rise in popularity of internet gaming. It appears that players with issues around the legitimacy of casino games are now less sold on the fairness of online slot games, poker, blackjack, roulette and others. Yet if players truly knew how these games functioned, they would surely not be in such a panic. The reality is that online casino games function via an RNG (Random Number Generator) that makes certain each spin of the roulette wheel or slot reel is totally random, with complex computer algorithms used to ensure this never changes.

The best way to make sure you are getting a fair roll of the dice (sometimes literally) is to go play at a top casino site with a license from a quality authority. Countries like the UK, Malta and Gibraltar are some of the best and if you choose casinos registered with these bodies, odds are that you will be relishing some of the top games in the business and, therefore, some of the most legitimate.