Black Cat Superstitions

There are conflicting beliefs regarding the influence of black cats. Some consider them a sure sign of good luck, others regard them with dread and awe.

A black cat without a single white hair is lucky, particularly if it comes to you unsolicited. If you start out to undertake any new work or to hunt and a black cat crosses your path, you will be very lucky in your undertaking. If you try to coax a black cat to come and he runs away, you will be disappointed in your results. To kill a black cat is very unlucky, and means misfortune for a year.

black cat superstitions

Does black cat bring good luck?

In the US it is still considered a bad sign if a black cat crosses your path, since it means you have been noticed by the Devil. In Germany, the same rule applies if the cat is walking from right to left, but if it crosses from left to right then good fortune is coming your way. In Scotland, the arrival of a black cat outside your home is a sign of coming prosperity, while in China black cats are regarded as harbingers of hunger and poverty.

In Italy, if a black cat should rest on the bed of a sick person it is thought to signify the patient’s imminent death. In England, a black cat is still considered lucky if it walks towards you, though there are countless variations and reversals of the rule across the world, the origins of which have become blurred and blended by the passage of time.

Among Egyptians, cats were regarded with religious awe. They were mummified and buried in the graves with human beings. Witched had a fondness for black cats and used them in their divinations. In soothsaying, cats have always played an important role.

The brain of a black cat was considered an important ingredient in the recipes and prescriptions of the witches in the Middle Ages. The meowing of a black cat at midnight is a bad omen and foretells a death.