Burning Cheeks Superstition

If you feel your cheeks are hot (burning) for no apparent reason, someone is talking about you, according to several world superstitions. In Latvia, it is believed that if your ears are burning and red, someone is criticising you, while hot and red cheeks mean that someone is complimenting you or talks about you in a positive way.

burning cheeks superstition

Sensitive individuals may also feel burning cheeks if they have a birthday, a name day or other important day when a lot of people talk about them. This is a somewhat interesting phenomenon, however, if you are looking for the cause of burning cheeks, notice when you feel it most often. Does it happen when you are alone? Does it happen more often in the morning or at night? What are you thinking about at the moment?

TIP: Once you feel the burning hot on your cheeks again, note who is the first person that came to your mind. It is more than likely that this person is talking about you at the given time. burning cheeks superstition