Cybersecurity software for small e-commerce business

Nowadays, when keeping online information is a call for most businesses, more and more people try to take it and use it for their own benefit. It doesn’t matter how large a store or an enterprise is because each business is at risk. If you want to protect your information, then learn more about what e-commerce security is and ways that a VPN can encrypt it. There are so many tools that you even shouldn’t download as they are available online. Choose software that seems to meet your needs better, like VeePN, etc., and care about your business.

What is online business security?

Online business security means staying safe on the Internet, and encryption VPN is one of the ways to achieve it. If the data is stored well, no hackers will be able to access it. 

Otherwise, you will face such issues as:

· PCI DSS. This standard means financial information that is collected online is stored and transmitted securely.

· ISO. Each business must have it to prove the company has data security, a good management system, and apply advanced business practices.

· Malware. Hackers may install malicious software on your system and harm your business operations. Also, they can use ransomware to restrict access to your own files or data and demand paying for unblocking it.

· DDoS. It’s destroying the ultimate work of service and preventing you and your clients from achieving their purpose.

Cyber attacks have become a common issue in recent years. VPN security helps protect your establishment and clients against cyber threats. But is it really so important?

Why cybersecurity is crucial for your business?

Any website these days holds a lot of efficient data about the clients, making it a real target for cyber attacks. Here a few reasons that prove the importance of creating a cyber-secure environment:

· Financial solvency. If you face some unpleasant issues, you may be at risk of destroying your entire enterprise. Sometimes it is demanded to approach info recovery services, forensic investigation, etc. Some companies even consider cyber liability insurance to reduce risks.

· Compliance. No matter what industry your business works in, it must adhere to certain standards. Otherwise, your company will not be considered “in compliance,” and you will come across the problem of numerous fines. This is a serious reason to take care of business security with a VPN.
· Customer trust. Customers entrust their personal information to you when they decide to place an order and need to fill in banking details. Earning their trust is very important for further relationships, and once you lose it, it would be very challenging to work things again. It is not surprising that a company from which personal info was stolen loses not only existing clients but potential ones as well.

Steps to Improve your business security

Here are a few steps that you can take to protect your client’s information from cyber-attacks and make your business more secure:

  1. Change usernames and passwords every 90 days. It is never a bad idea because the longer you have the same passwords, the higher chances a hacker will break them.
  1. Apply a separate network for terminal operations. Mostly, hackers penetrate your company through workers. If you have a separate network, it would be more difficult for them to get what they want.
  1. Install the right firewall on your network. It is the first defense line from hackers’ attacks. A proper firewall protects your PC from malware and other methods discussed above that hackers use. For instance, the firewall may identify when the data was taken from your business environment.
  1. Use cybersecurity software. Encryption VPN with any of numerous tools will protect both you and your clients from any effort to steal important data.

Efficient cybersecurity tools for small businesses

Here is the list of tools for server security for small business that you can use and make all essential operations without any worries:

1. Tor Project. This tool allows you to protect your security thanks to volunteers worldwide who run networks of relays for your communication. It means that nobody will be able to learn details about your Internet connection thanks to knowing the place you are in or the websites that you use. Android proxy application and desktop browser are included in its free of charge tools.

2. Qualys FreeScan. The main purpose of this tool is to scan the entire network and identify possible vulnerabilities and security threats. You can perform network security scans online up to 10 times. In the long run, you will receive a detailed report and correct the necessary security threats. In case you can’t launch the program, consider using a VPN to reach your purpose.

3. Samurai Web Testing Framework. It is a virtual machine that is supported on VMWare and VirtualBox. This tool was pre-configured for functioning as a web penetration space to test apps.

4. Open Threat Exchange. AlienVault hosts this tool in the form of an open threat data network. All its participants can get actionable, real-time data. In case the domains or public IPs appear in a threat exchange environment, you will get an alert and may act at once.

5. HTTPS Everywhere. This software was produced by the Electronic Frontier Foundation and the Tor Project. You can use it as an extension for Opera, Firefox, and Chrome. The tool encrypts your activities within the main websites and makes your entire online experience more secure.

6. Social tactics have become one of the modern trends in digital security. It involves impersonation, phishing, and even telephone elicitation. Thanks to this software that is specialized in social engineering, you can protect your small business from all sorts of manipulations caused by people who have access to crucial information. Your VPN will be changed. Hence you stay safe and confident.

7. DuckDuckGo. This Internet search engine doesn’t keep data about your search history. Moreover, it doesn’t sell it to advertisers who want to track the company’s activities performed across the web. Instead, you can get the best results taken from other individual sources like Yahoo, etc.

8. LastPass. A popular password manager creates long, accidental passwords that are impossible to hack. When you need to make a purchase, the necessary data will be inserted automatically. The tool is free of charge, but those who want to enjoy advanced service may consider purchasing a premium plan.

9. Ghostery. This browser extension assists you to cope with site trackers and get a safer experience. The software identifies and quickly blocks tracking technologies to remove clutter, accelerate page loads, and protect your information. Provided VPN security will not make your company a victim of hackers.

10. Comodo. It is a free platform for remote management and monitoring. Сomodo offers paid and free SSL certificates and a forward solution for running all anonymous files in a virtual container. There, they can be used securely and inspected automatically.  


Cyber attacks is issue number one for small e-commerce businesses these days. Every entrepreneur must be aware of the possible consequences of poor cybersecurity. Being proactive will surely play into your hands. Ensure that you use proper cybersecurity software and breathe with relief.