Differences Between Pachinko vs. Slots

If you ask Western gamblers, most are familiar with slots and slot machines. However, depending on who you ask, some may say that slots are the easiest casino games to play. Simply put, if it’s your lucky day, you could win big.

There are various types of gambling and sports betting games in the world, with different cultures having their preferred forms of entertainment. In Japan, for example, many gamblers play “pachinko” instead of Western slots. Pachinko is similar to a slot machine and has become increasingly popular in Japan.

While slot games found on SlotXo and pachinko games share some similarities, there are a few differences players should know about.

Pachinko vs. Slot Machines

Pachinko is a mechanical game that gamblers use for recreational purposes. Like slot machines, you may find pachinko games based on TV shows, movies, and video games. That said, pachinko differs from slots in several ways, as follows.

The Skill Set

One of the main differences between slot and pachinko devices is the level of skill required to win. Like other casino games (roulette or baccarat), you don’t need special skills to place your bets.  

However, the outcome may depend on how well the player performs while engaged in the game when playing pachinko.

The Intensity

Unlike the slot games you play on SlotXo or other platforms, pachinko isn’t based on luck. Successful pachinko players know what intensity level to use when playing the shooting game.

After taking a few shots, players receive small prizes that encourage them to play more.

The Cash Reward

Another big difference between slot games and pachinko is the reward they offer. When winning a game of pachinko, it doesn’t proceed with a cash reward due to the strict gambling laws in the country. Instead, players usually exchange their balls for a voucher or novelty price.

If you play slot games on SlotXo and win, you will get a cash reward, depending on how many bars you see in the line and what symbol they represent.

The Social Element

Most forms of betting include a social element and engaging with other players, even when playing on solo machines. For example, when in a casino, you may chat with the player next to you and share tips regarding the game. If you play slot games online, you can also communicate with the player next to you through a live chat.

Pachinko is a solitary game, and players usually don’t talk when playing. In Japan, most players believe that it’s bad luck to talk with other people while playing pachinko.

A Final Word

If you love to explore pachinko machines and see what they offer in terms of gambling, make sure to pick reliable software providers or online casinos marketed toward the Asian markets.

If you prefer to play slot games instead, though, SlotXo is the best way to explore some of the most popular games on the market. From classic themes to new slot games, SlotXo offers a wide selection of options to suit multiple needs. Get started today by creating your account.