Does Smoking Weed Make You Skinny?

Weed in Hamilton is readily available, and it is secure and safe. But the question is, do you really need it? Especially if you are considering weed because someone told you that taking it makes you skinny, think again. The authenticity of the popular notion is often contested, and there is no evidence that the weight loss is directly due to weed consumption. 

Is there any relation of cannabis with weight loss?

Some relatively recent studies have tried to correlate cannabis intake with the body’s metabolism pattern and weight loss possibilities; most of these are too superficial and lack a deep study depth. 

Weed lowers stress

Often regular intake of weed makes people relax a lot easier. So, typically, those who are prone to stress-eating won’t succumb to it. As a result, they might be having their normal food, but as they also have weed, there can be an incorrect correlation that weed is enabling or helping reduce body fat. 

At the same time, this is not at all the cause. Many people tend to overeat as a result of the stress they might be going through. All that weed is doing is making you float and stay in the lighter realms of your imagination. 

Weed may improve sleep

Poor or intermittent sleep can be a cause for sustained weight gain in the case of many people. You may not realize that not getting sufficient sleep is one of the biggest reasons for people to become fat over a point of time. 

Weed intake, however, induces sleep. Someone who does not have a very sound sleep can benefit from weed intake to have longer bouts of undisturbed sleep. 

Also, when you are sleeping longer, there are lesser chances of you succumbing to binging or eating at odd hours. This can naturally help the body not gain additional weight. 

Weed impacts natural body pattern

Weed can adversely affect your overall metabolism and natural body pattern. Most of these weed parties are at night, so you may suddenly be used to staying up late at night quite often. Moreover, your meal times might get skewed too. As a result, your overall appetite and net intake of vitamins, minerals and fiber can get severely affected. This may lead to a lot of medical conditions, which can also result in weight loss to a large extent. 

No direct implication

Therefore, it can be safely assumed that there is no direct connection between weed and weight loss. Yes, there are many indirect linkages that can affect your overall appetite, but per se, there can’t be any weight-loss impact. Often people get so addicted to weeds that they find it difficult to get over the addiction. 

As a result, they keep having it more frequently. This, as a result, impacts the overall food pattern and also throws the body’s digestion process off guard. Therefore, one may tend to lose weight if used to taking weed very often and in higher doses.