Does Twitch Provide You Fake Viewers?

Twitch is a live video streaming service owned by Amazon. It includes music broadcasts, live video game streaming, real-life streams, and creative content. To become a user of Twitch, all one has to do is sign up for an account and start engaging. You can visit to learn more. But are there any benefits that one gets by owning a Twitch account? Well, there are many benefits that individuals and even businesses can get when they register for a Twitch account. For instance, for individuals, you can get benefits such as:

  • You can benefit from channel subscriptions from affiliated channels. One can also benefit from chat privileges, badges, emoticons, and so on.
  • You can benefit from free games every month and have to keep these games forever.
  • For popular games, you can benefit from free in-game loots.
  • There are exclusive emoticons for subscribers.
  • There are expanded chat colors for subscribers.

For those who own businesses, is there a way you can benefit from the use of twitch? Can the viewers on Twitch be of any benefit to businesses? How can a business market its products through this platform? These are important aspects we should discuss before we talk about how to increase viewership and whether the platform allows fake views.

Twitch for Business

  • The fact that the platform is mostly for gaming and gamers means that businesses that deal with gaming can use the platform for their benefits.
  • Twitch has an 80% consumer base of men. The audience on this platform is also youth. Therefore, a business that wants to mostly target men and youth can use the platform for business.
  • Software companies and gaming brands can make use of Twitch to sell more of their products.
  • With over 25000 influencers on Twitch, you can benefit your company through the use of these influencers.
  • Twitch is about live streaming. As such, you can benefit your business through this kind of media and content-sharing model. You can grow your business through increased followers and showcase your brand through the live streams on Twitch.

So, does Twitch provide you, Fake viewers?

What are fake viewers in the first place?  This is a good question that can help us understand why Twitch does not allow fake viewers on its platform. Sometimes streamers want to get many views so that their streams can always be on top of the lists. This has made some unscrupulous streamers buy views so that their streams can seem to be doing well. This is also known as view bottling and is not allowed by streaming sites.

What does Twitch do to discourage fake views?

Just like any other reputable streaming company, Twitch has made changes to its terms and conditions so that anybody found to be buying fake views is banned from the platform. This is something that streamers are not ready to lose as they gain viewers.

The policies that the company has come up with can detect fake views and use artificial detection programs to ensure fair competition among streamers.

Twitch has made it clear that the changes made to their policies will not affect lurkers. Lurkers are real viewers on the Twitch platform who only watch the streams but do not engage. These are also viewers who could be watching many streams at the same time. As such, the terms of the company will not affect these viewers.

Twitch has defined bottling and fake engagements as a situation where the channel statistics are inflated to favor streamers. These can also include fake followers, fake likes, and any other third-party tools that could help streamers inflate their statistics.

How can you get more views and followers on Twitch?

Since you do not want to get banned from the use of Twitch, what are some of the things one can do to gain more followers, more views, and more engagements? Well, it is possible to gain organic views and get more streams on Twitch.

Tips to bring you more Twitch viewers

Play games that have more viewers

You need to stream games that have more views and not those that have more streamers or broadcasters. You see, you should stream games that will help you be in the top 15 to 20. You do not want games that have people who have more streamers than you do. If you find yourself streaming a game and you are not in the top 20, the best thing would be to find another game.

Talk during your streams

If people pop into your stream and you do not engage them, they will not stick. As such, you should learn to talk during your streams. The people who pop in during your game streams want you to engage them. You need to practice talking to yourself as a way of preparing to engage your viewers when they pop in. You should eliminate radio silence as this is a good way to help you gain more viewers.

Encourage your family and friends to watch your streams

You can rely on your friends and family members to help you grow your channels. Remember that when you have family and friends watching your streams, you end up with more viewers on your streams. This will of course encourage more viewers to come to the channel. When you engage the friends and family in chats during the streams, this will help your channel in ranking. This may also encourage other viewers to chat on the channel. More people are likely to join channels that have viewers. As such, when your friends and family engage in your channel, they will become part of the community.

Use a chatbot

If you do not have time to chat with your viewers, you can use a chatbot to help moderate your chats. A chatbot also helps to count the number of viewers you have on the stream. Regarding this, you need to know that chatbots are different from viewer bots or other kinds of bots that artificially inflate your numbers. These will not be allowed in Twitch. These could get your channel banned.