Dream About A Dog – Meaning and Symbolism Behind The Dream

Have you had a dream about a dog recently? The dog generally symbolizes loyalty, protection, friendship, and the use of your instincts.

However, in order to interpret your dream in the greatest detail, you need to remember as many details as possible from your dream, such as what the dog did, whether he was happy or enraged, what color he was, whether it was a puppy or an old dog, or whether he sat with you or chased you.

Dreams open the way to other dimensions and show us things that are beyond our consciousness during the day. Sometimes, they warn us not to make a mistake or make a bad decision, and sometimes they just tell us that we are on the right track or that we are wise. Thus, dreams can be both informative and predictive.

Let’s look at individual dreams of a dog and what they mean.

dog dream meaning

Dream about a dog on a leash

You try to be obedient at all costs, even though something is “boiling” in you. You are aware that it is better to deal with problems cold-headed and that it is sometimes better to remain silent. A dog on a leash is a typical example of concentration and complete control over yourself.

This dream probably informs you that you are doing a good job and that you should continue to do so if any problem occurs in the near future.

Dream about being bitten by a dog

This dream is not directly about dog bites but rather a projection of your defensive reflex. Sitting content with a dog means loyalty and harmony, and this is the exact opposite. Someone has cheated on you or been disloyal in the past, and you still feel as if the memories were haunting you.

In a relationship, this means that you or your partner have trouble keeping emotions and anger under control. Being bitten by a dog can warn you that there is a very thin line between friendship and enmity and love and hate.

It doesn’t have to mean disloyalty in a relationship or friendship; it can also be someone who has planned a business with you and eventually committed fraud and got you into big trouble. In other words, this dream may talk about someone who seemed like a good friend or business partner, but sooner or later, you’ve discovered their true side and found out who they really were.

Dream about a puppy

The puppy in your dream symbolizes a pleasant surprise or strong feelings that you are currently experiencing in your waking life. This dream often appears at the beginning of a new relationship, after passing exams, or after the birth of a child.

If you are going through a mental transformation or looking for a new direction in your life, this dream says that you feel more confident, and the new energy you have gained benefits you.

Seeing a dog mom with a puppy can symbolize that your guardian or parent supports your new relationship or anything else you have recently started.

Dream about a dead or dying dog

This dream may mean that you are giving up on some problems or that you have resigned to make any change. It’s hard to guess what exactly this dream is about because each of us goes through individual events. However, apparently, you lost something that gave you a sense of security and cohesion.

In many cases, it is a break-up, divorce, or a similar event when you split up with someone. However, it can also be a situation where you have accidentally lost a job you loved so much and do not have the energy or desire to look for another job.

If you see a dying dog, it may mean that one of your friends has changed and may no longer consider you a friend anymore. Either way, this dream is not about physical death, but the end of something that was close to your heart before or that gave you a sense of happiness and security.

Dream about a dog chasing a cat

This dream speaks of the fact that your masculine and feminine energies (yin and yan) are not balanced. Because the dog (masculine energy) chases the cat (feminine energy), masculine energy predominates. Maybe you should learn not to take things too personally, not believe everything someone tells you, and be more yourself – like a cat. Don’t be afraid to say no and do things your way, just like a cat.

Dream about a playful dog

Someone wants to make peace with you or be friends again. It can also mean that a partner with whom you have broken up wants to return to you. If you intentionally stop talking to someone in your family or with any other person, they may want to start talking with you again.

Dream about a black dog

A black dog in a dream often symbolizes someone who wants to impress you as a best friend, but they are actually gossiping about you. This is a fake friend or person you thought you could trust. It can also mean that a person you previously trusted and shared your personal information or secrets with will deceive you or “throw stones at your feet.”

Dream about a white dog

If you see a white dog in a dream, who is not aggressive or barking, it predicts that you will meet someone who will be very nice and sympathetic. The number of dogs does not change the meaning of this dream, because it is usually one person. Rather than a partner, it will be a very nice colleague, boss, or friend.