Dream Interpretation: Pregnancy

Did you dream about pregnancy as such, or that you or someone else was pregnant? Pregnancy dreams can be a reflection of what’s happening in your life – if you are really pregnant, want to get pregnant, or are afraid of pregnancy. pregnancy dream meaning

They also represent a part of your personal life that is constantly evolving. They can either be the birth of new ideas and projects, setting new goals or meeting your desires in work or career. If you are not really trying to get pregnant but keep dreaming about being pregnant, it could mean a fear of new responsibilities.

pregnancy dream meaning

Generally, dreaming about pregnancy means growth and development. It can be either spiritual growth (gaining wisdom or some important awareness) or material growth (growth of your company or finances). It can also symbolize something new coming into your life or a change that will change your life.

To understand more about dreams of pregnancy, let’s look at different situations that have occurred in your dreams. pregnancy dream meaning

Pregnancy test: The dreams in which you do pregnancy tests are mostly negative in nature, accompanied by a sense of insecurity and possibly even frustration if the test results are negative (or positive).

To slander a pregnant woman: Sadness and worry in the family. Fear of losing something.

To find out you’re pregnant: Your dreams will come true. Wishes and heart’s desires fulfilled.

To see a pregnant woman: The promise of material wealth and happiness.

Wedding and pregnancy: Seeing yourself pregnant at the wedding (your wedding or someone else’s wedding) means solid health and a long, happy life. If you see yourself pregnant at your wedding along with your groom/husband, you will give a birth to twins.

Getting pregnant: You’re trying to incorporate something new into your life. Your life needs change, and you know it, but you haven’t done anything for it yet.

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