9 Most Common Dreams About Rabbits And Their Meanings

Have you recently dreamed of a rabbit, and are you looking for the meaning of your dream? Then, you’re in the right place! A rabbit is an animal that evokes compassion and many positive emotions in many people. In addition, it is one of the most common symbols in many people’s dreams.

Dreams about rabbits are a very positive sign. However, for a more precise interpretation of your dream, it is important to know in what situation you saw the rabbit, what color it was, and whether you saw it alive or in the form of food. Also important are your feelings in that dream and whether you were alone or with someone else. Every detail is essential to get the most accurate interpretation possible. Let’s look at the individual dreams of a rabbit.

dream about rabbit

Dream about a rabbit running

Summary: New opportunities

Seeing a rabbit running in your dream means new opportunities, primarily professional opportunities. The more rabbits, the more opportunities. There is a saying that says a rabbit running is an opportunity, and if you grab it by the ears, you will succeed. If the rabbit runs away, you will lose the chance.

Dream about a white rabbit

Summary: Joyful event

The dream of a white rabbit is a joyous event. It can be engagement, wedding, or pregnancy. Seeing a white rabbit also predicts a happy relationship and a loving partner.

Dream about a black rabbit

Summary: Grief, sadness

If you see a black rabbit in your dream, you’ll find yourself in a sad situation, such as a breakup or disappointment. Your attempt to succeed in something will fail. This dream can also mean fear of something, mainly from the intimate area of your life—either fear of pregnancy or fear of infertility.

Dream about a rabbit biting you

Summary: Your relationship requires more attention

The dream of a rabbit biting you mean your relationship needs more attention. Your partner may lack awareness from you, or your sex life is no longer as it was at the beginning. In a dream about rabbit biting, you can also talk about cheating or toxic thoughts that bites you (see: dream about cheating).

Dream about a rabbit dying

Summary: Sudden change in your life

Dreaming of dying or killing a rabbit does not predict anything good. You will feel unlucky and unhappy; you may also feel a kind of emptiness in your relationship. Either you fail to reach the goal you have been working on for a long time, or one of your secrets comes to the surface that nobody should ever know about. They are primarily secrets about sexual relationships or cheating.

Dream about feeding a rabbit

Summary: You’re helping your friends

The dream of feeding one rabbit means helping your friend, and you will be rewarded sooner or later. However, if you provide more rabbits in your dream, you give more than you should and forget about your own needs.

Dream about a rabbit hiding

Summary: You should put more effort into achieving your goals

The rabbit is usually a timid animal but also full of energy. Hence, the importance of dreaming about a rabbit hiding or shying away can be read as an incentive to put more energy into your work and to make much bolder decisions.

Dream about a rabbit jumping

Summary: You’re approaching your goal

A jumping rabbit in your dream means you are approaching your goal. It signifies the joy of success, of achieving your personal or professional goals.

Dream about a person in a rabbit costume

Summary: Falsehoods, lies, scams

Dreams about a person in a rabbit costume are very harmful, and you should pay extra attention to them. They predict falsehood and lies. This may point to a person who has sold unoriginal goods to you or someone who has done some scam on you that you can pay for.