Dream About Roaches (Meaning & Symbolism) – What Does It Mean When You Dream About Roaches?

Roaches are a type of insect that can be found in many different areas. They are small and can be difficult to see, but they can be found in homes, restaurants, and anywhere else that is inhabited by people. When people dream about roaches, it may make them feel uncomfortable or scared.

So, what does it mean when you dream about roaches? Read on to find out.

dream about roaches

Something’s Bothering Your Life

Dreaming about roaches is an indication of something in your life that you try to avoid. It could be a toxic person, a bad relationship, or just a bad experience that you’d rather forget. If you were bothered or bitten by roaches in your dream, it could mean that you are avoiding some duty or matter that needs to be fulfilled (paying off a loan, for example), but you are avoiding them for a reason.

Dreaming about roaches can also be a sign that you need to reevaluate a situation and make some changes, or that you have something in your life that is dark and toxic and needs to be removed immediately. Either way, it’s something that annoys you and makes your life difficult (much like real roaches.)

Sign Of A Bad Health

In a dream, roaches are typically associated with dirt, filth, and disorder. They carry disease and spread filth. Depending on your attitude toward the insect, it may be seen as merely a nuisance or an actual threat to physical well-being.

The appearance of roaches in your dream indicates that something is not right with your health condition. You should take care of your health and not underestimate any symptoms.

You’re In A Toxic Environment

Dreaming about roaches is very common for people who are in a toxic environment. It can be literally toxic (such as an unsafe work environment), but also toxic in the sense that you are surrounded by toxic people or share a household with someone toxic. You are often in this situation not voluntarily, but because you have to (for example, you have to stay in this job because it’s the only job around you, or you share a household with someone toxic but can’t move out.)

Dream About Flying Roaches

A dream with a flying insect (flying roaches) indicates your anger, frustration, and anxiety. The insect may be chasing you in your dream and you may think that you have no other solution than to run away. This means that you have the feeling of being chased, something that is not good for your welfare. It also indicates a lack of trust in people around you.

Because flying in a dream often symbolizes our dreams, visions, and thoughts, a dream about flying roaches could indicate that there is something or someone in your life that is preventing you from dreaming or making your dreams come true. It could be someone who is constantly trying to convince you that what you want is impossible or too big or that you are not good enough.

Dream About Big Roaches

The size of a roach in a dream indicates the size of the problem you are dealing with. The bigger the roach, the bigger the problem. It could also mean that an obligation that you thought would “wait” or that you would start solving it when you wanted to, is so important that it is time to solve it now before it’s too late.


The dream about roaches could be way for your subconscious mind to show you that you need to confront something or someone. You might have ignored the problem for a long time, but your dreams are telling you that you need to start dealing with it. It could also mean that you need to take action and start working on a solution.

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