10 Dreams About Snake And Their Spiritual Meaning & Symbolism

Did you have a dream about a snake recently? Dreams about snakes usually have a negative meaning, but there are exceptions when such a dream symbolizes something positive, from regeneration to strength or courage.
snake dream meaning
When a snake symbol appears in a dream, something significant happens in the unconscious. It can be either dangerous or healing; the snake symbolizes negative (toxic thoughts, fear, worries, running away from something) and positive (transformation, regeneration, growth, or rebirth).
When you look at the snake as an animal, it is a creature that evokes fear and respect rather than peace or love. There are deadly poisonous species or snakes that can strangle you, and there are snakes of different colors and sizes. If they feel threatened, they can crawl behind you or bite you.
Another interesting thing is that the snake has a “phallic” shape (resembling the shape of the male genitalia). Therefore, the snake in dreams can also symbolize sexuality, masculinity, and fertility.
Last but not least, a snake in your dream can symbolize a person whose behavior resembles a snake; it can be someone who follows you everywhere, constantly keeps thinking about you, or whose behavior is very toxic, if not dangerous.
All this can appear in your dreams, and each feature can have a different meaning.
A venomous snake
Summary: You are poisoning your life.

Dreaming of poisonous snakes heralds the advent of bad events. The snake bites can be seen as “poisoning” your life. Furthermore, the snake reflects harmful and deceptive behavior or even difficult life events (problems).
It can either mean that your thoughts are toxic and poisonous, or you keep surrounding yourself with something that is poisoning your life (bad people, addictive substances, junk food, doubts, or worries).
A white snake in a dream
Summary: Soul cleansing. Clear vision. You are on the right track.
If you see a white snake on the floor or another solid surface, you have a clear mind; you finally know what you want to achieve and what steps you need to take. You may also feel that you are finally standing “firmly on the ground.”
If you see a white snake in the water, it means regeneration and purification of your soul. It can also predict good health or pure intentions.

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Being strangled by a snake in a dream
Summary: Beware of your words.
You are about to say something that you might regret later. This dream wants to protect you from doing so. In other words – think twice before you speak.
Being chased by a snake
Summary: You have unnecessary worries.
The snake that chases you expresses a sense of internal danger. There are many possible causes – from the fear of maternity to the fear of success at work. The dream is a mirror of reality, so you should understand it as a challenge to understand everything that is still unconscious.
If you do not recognize a particular person in the snake chasing you, start thinking about what is bothering you in general. Think about what stresses you out the most because these are probably unnecessary worries that make your life more difficult.
A black snake in a dream

Summary: There will be hard times.

Any dreams of black snakes do not predict anything good. In this case, the snake symbolizes the obstacle you are facing or will face. If you dream of a black snake, it is better to avoid arguments and disputes and not to sign suspicious contracts.
Avoid anything that could endanger you.
sneak dream meaning
A snake in a dream doesn’t always have a negative meaning. // Source: pixabay
Light-colored/yellow snake in a dream
Summary: You are afraid of the unknown.
There’s something you want, but you’re not going after it because you’re afraid of the unknown or something new you’re not used to. Because of such fear, you may lose a good job offer or something else that would benefit your life.
A snake that ignores you in a dream
Summary: You are afraid of losing valuable things.
You’re afraid of losing something valuable. There will probably be no loss, but fear greatly limits and stresses you out. Due to constraints, you may fear losing valuable things, a car, or a house, but you will not lose anything.
Fear of being bitten by a snake in a dream
Summary: You are in the position of an easy target.
You are unnecessarily putting yourself in a challenging situation where you lose or don’t have complete control over your life because you are weakened and are, thus, a simple target for people with bad intentions.
Seeing a dead snake in a dream
Summary: You will overcome a difficult life situation.
A dead snake in a dream can often indicate that you have overcome an obstacle that made your life difficult. It can also predict the end of a difficult situation or liberation from toxic or self-destructive thoughts.
Seeing a large number of snakes
Summary: Lots of problems, worries, or obstacles.
If you’re seeing many snakes in your dream or surrounded by snakes, you may be in a life stage where you feel it is too much for you or have a heavy load on your shoulders. Your life journey can be full of pitfalls, obstacles, and dangers, and you don’t know how to escape it.
Although we have listed the ten most common dreams about snakes, each dream has its own personal meaning for each of us. Think about how you felt in the dream, recall all the symbols, places, and details of that dream, and review your life situation.

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