7 Most Common Dreams About Swimming And What They Mean

Swimming in a dream is a hugely symbolic activity, especially if it concerns independent movement on the water. The way we swim, the depth of the water, and its color indicate important information about the subconscious emotions experienced by the dreamer.

The dream of swimming refers to emotions, intuition, and subconscious mind. Swimming can also be an expression of weariness, a constant obligation to control your feelings, and keep them in check. It also announces that we will be able to reach and achieve the goals we set our minds to.

What do dreams about wimming mean? Check below!

dream about swimming

Dream about swimming naked

Summary: High self-esteem. Respect. Popularity.

Dreaming about swimming naked is a very positive sign. It speaks of high self-esteem or respect that you will soon acquire. You can also gain popularity in a new company or workplace, or strengthen relationships with your friends and acquaintances.

Dream about swimming in a dirty water

Summary: Obstacles. Difficult situations.

The dream of swimming in dirty or polluted water or a swimming pool means that we will have to face severe obstacles. Dirty water heralds vague situations in our lives, bad energy, which can result in sudden illness or loneliness. Because water symbolizes emotions, these dreams usually signify difficult emotional situations; breakup, divorce, humiliation, or some disease in your family.

Dream about swimming in a clear (blue) water

Summary: Pure intentions. Success.

This dream reflects the good physical condition of your body, happiness, and personal and professional success. You’re heading in the right direction; you have control over your life and thoughts that create the reality you want.

Dream about swimming with someone

Summary: Suppressed fantasies. Distrust. Relationship problems.

If you dream about swimming with your partner, there may be some problems; either cheating, lack of trust, or other issues that disrupt your relationship. If you dream of swimming with your friends, that means you have a lot of support, and you can ask your friends for help whenever you need to. The dream of swimming with your crush or someone you secretly love means suppressed sexual fantasies.

Dream about swimming fast

Summary: Your dreams will come true.

Dreams about swimming fast promise that your dreams and desires will come true. You know what you want to achieve in life and you go after it.

Dream about drowning

Summary: Emotional instability. Fears that are “eating you” alive.

Dreams of drowning are incredibly unpleasant. They may indicate that you have a lot of problems that you do not know how to solve or whom to ask for help, and you may feel completely helpless, if not depressed.

Dream about swimming in a pool

Summary: Lack of freedom. Restrictions.

The dream of swimming in the pool is associated with limitations, sometimes even the frustration we experience because of the lack of freedom. There’s something in your life that restricts you. If it’s not a person, it can also be your thoughts.

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