Dream About Fire And Its Meaning

Have you had a dream about fire recently? Dreams of fire have several meanings because they depend on several factors, such as if you had the fire under control and put it out, if your car, house, or forest was on fire, or the extent and size of that fire you saw.

In general, the fire in a dream points to a problem that is currently taking place. For example, if you dream of a small fire, it is a small, trivial problem. If you manage to put out the fire, you will be able to solve the problem. If you see dry grass burning and the fire progresses, you probably have significant escalating problems, and it’s time to intervene because you still have a chance to do something about it.

Let’s look at the individual interpretations of the dream of fire and what they mean.

dream about fire

Dream about putting out fire

Summary: Overcoming obstacles or problems.

The dream of putting out a fire is a good sign. It means overcoming obstacles or problems you are currently facing. Whether you put out the fire yourself or with the help of someone else, the meaning of this dream is the same. This dream says that you have everything under control, and you know how to solve current problems.

Dream about starting a fire

Summary: Feeling weak and powerless. Revenge.

This “fire dream” predicts that you “throw stones under your feet” yourself. Even though you know that something is not right or beneficial to you, or that it will cause you trouble, you keep doing that. It seems as if you were pouring gasoline to the fire, making the fire even stronger. This dream points to a restless state of mind and an inability to think rationally. Maybe you feel like you don’t have enough strength and would rather give up on everything.

If you had a dream, such as setting someone’s house or car on fire, it points to some revenge or holding on to anger. Maybe you have bad intentions or you don’t wish others any good. It’s time to let go of all resentment and hatred because it won’t do you any good.

Dream of a forest fire

Summary: Loss of faith. Spiritual crisis.

The tree as a dream symbol is often interpreted as spirituality, God, or the basis of life, and this dream speaks of a spiritual crisis or about the loss of faith. You may be aware of your spiritual powers, but you are not using them to your advantage. You may be aware that you can heal yourself or attract good things to your life with positive thoughts, but you still think negatively.

You may not be sure which spiritual direction to take, or you may be losing faith in God. It is possible that because you have lost faith in all good things, your thoughts create obstacles and problems that manifest at lightning speed.

Dream about fire in the sky

Summary: Significant changes.

The dream of fire in the sky foretells some great and significant changes. Whether these are positive or negative changes depends on the other details in your dream and the feelings that this dream has evoked in you. This dream also speaks of some awareness. You may have realized that you are the creator of your life and that it is time to take control over your life and make important changes in your waking life.

Dream about burning partner/seeing your partner in fire

Summary: Suppressed passion.

This dream says that either you or your partner longs for something that the other is not able to give. Often people who have a strong sexual desire, a desire to travel, or undertake adventure have this dream. This is probably because their partner is reticent or cold, which suppresses their desires and puts out the flame (passion) in them. If this situation is familiar to you, talk to your partner and make some changes, otherwise your strong desire may “burn” you.

Dream about house on fire

Summary: Hopelessness. No confidence.

The house, as a dream symbol, speaks of security and ourselves (physical and spiritual body) as such. Dreaming of a house on fire often means that your subconscious mind is trying to tell you something. This dream speaks more of the presence (of what is happening within you now) than of some event that will happen in the future.

Seeing a house on fire means that you are losing faith in yourself and your abilities. You may feel that everything you have done or built in recent years has been worthless or that you are losing it. It’s usually just a feeling, the result of a bad mental state, and it doesn’t mean you’re losing anything. These are rather negative feelings that need to be got rid of.