Dream About Pigs (Attacking, Chasing, Biting, Dying)

Dreams are a fascinating aspect of the human psyche. They can be very symbolic, or they could just be random thoughts that our brain is having when it’s in sleep mode.

You’ve probably had a dream about pigs at some point in your life, but what does it mean? Pigs are often seen as one of the most intelligent animals on earth. They can be very playful and curious creatures who enjoy exploring the world around them.

Pigs are often seen as symbols of greed, gluttony, and laziness. They are also thought to represent fertility, prosperity, or foreshadowing of good luck. In many cultures, pigs are seen as lucky and represent new opportunities for growth and prosperity. When dreaming about pigs, it could be representative of your own behavior or tendencies in these areas.

In this article, we will look at the significance of pigs in dreams and what they represent.

dream about pigs meaning

Dream About Pigs Chasing You

Do you have a recurring dream about being chased by pigs? You are not alone! As it turns out, this is actually one of the most common animal dreams.

In the case of angry pigs chasing you, this is your subconscious telling you that you need to take care of yourself better or be more mindful of how much food you eat. It could also represent an underlying fear that someone close to you will not provide for themselves properly or protect themselves from harm.

A pig will chase you if you have been “corrupting” yourself by overindulging in food or alcohol or through other behaviors like lying, cheating, or stealing.

If angry pigs chase you and you are stressed because you know you don’t have a chance to run away, it can mean some financial problems that you can’t avoid.

If the pigs are cheerful and chase you because you’re playing a game together, it could mean personal success or a period when success is literally chasing you. This can be the case, for example, when you become a freelancer and receive a lot of offers, or you create a youtube channel, and in a very short time, you get a lot of subscribers, comments, or donations.

Dream About Pigs Attacking You

Dreams about pigs attacking you can be a result of several different things. For instance, if you’re in a house or other building that has been invaded by pigs, this could symbolize feelings about being taken over or “pigged out” by external forces such as family pressures. If the attack was aggressive and violent with no escape possible, this may represent feeling trapped in an unpleasant situation from which there seems no way out.

Dream About Pig Dying

When a person dreams about a pig dying, it means that they are going to have an unpleasant experience in the near future. It may also mean that they will be taken advantage of by someone else, lose money or break up with a loved one. The dream is symbolic of their own fears and limitations which can make them feel like they are not able to do anything right. This dream is one that should be taken seriously as it shows how this person feels about themselves and others around them.

Dream About Pig of a Specific Color

In addition to what the pig does in your dream (plays, runs, attacks, chases you), it is also very helpful in deciphering your dream to remember its color.

Dream About A White Pig

The meaning of the white pig in the dream is still not very clear. In the past, people believed that the white pig in a dream symbolized death. However, the new dream dictionaries suggest the complete opposite. The white pig in the dream should represent pure intentions and an easy and obstacle-free path to your goal.

Dream About A Black Pig

If you have ever had a dream about a black pig, then it is likely that you are being warned of danger or bad luck in your future. Pigs are typically thought to represent money and material possessions, so if you dreamed of one, this could mean that there may be negative consequences with these things in the near future.

Dream About A Pink Pig

The pink pig in a dream symbolizes a happy time or a surprise in any form. The pig in this color also symbolizes creativity, playfulness, and adventure.

Interesting Fact About Pig Dream

In some parts of the world, pigs are associated with good luck and wealth, particularly in China where it’s considered very auspicious to dream about pigs. In Ireland, it is thought that dreaming about pigs means you will have a baby soon.


It’s important to pay attention to your dreams, especially when they are recurring. Paying close attention may help you figure out what is bothering you and how to move forward in life with greater peace of mind. If the meaning of pigs is confusing or hard for you, remember as many details as possible from your dream (the color, the place, what the pig did, and other things that appeared in the dream) so that you can interpret it as accurately as possible.