Dream About Rooster – Spiritual Meaning & Symbolism

Did you have a dream of a rooster recently? A rooster as a symbol in a dream often signifies masculine qualities, such as strength, dominance, aggression, vigilance, or fearlessness. However, to interpret the dream, it is important to know other details, such as where you saw the rooster, what he did, how he behaved, whether alone or with someone else, or how you felt when you woke up.

Let’s look at individual interpretations of your dream about a rooster.

dream about rooster

Dream about seeing a rooster

Summary: You have to be stronger and go after your dream.

As already mentioned, the rooster signifies masculine qualities as a symbol in a dream. If you see a rooster in a dream but are not in contact with it, and he does not notice you, you lack these masculine qualities. Through this dream, your subconscious tells you that you need to be stronger and more aggressive to achieve what you want in life. Seeing a rooster in a dream also means that you have a life goal, but you do nothing to achieve it. You may just be waiting for it to fall into your lap, but in reality, you have to go after it – take action.

Dream about a rooster crowing

Summary: Important news/message.

This dream means that you will receive some important message that you expect. It can be a notification from school or work – whether or not you have been accepted, or some other critical message, such as, for example, hospital test results. It is impossible to determine from this dream whether it will be a positive or a negative message, but you will receive it soon.

Dream about being attacked by a rooster

Summary: Someone is going after you—arguments or problems with an authoritative person.

This dream predicts nothing good. It can mean an argument with some authoritative person, often a boss or someone who has helped you a lot in your life. However, this dream can also mean that you are controlled or under the domination of a male, and this person often uses you to their advantage.

This dream is often interpreted as meaning that someone is going after you. It could be a company or a person from whom you borrowed money, and now they want you to return it. If you have not paid the fine and forgot about it, the authorities may also go after you. Rooster means an authoritative person or institution in each of these cases.