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Wondering what your dream’s hidden meaning is? In our dream dictionary, you will find interpretations and symbolism of common and less common dreams. If you didn’t find your dream here, worry not! You can ask our dream expert Julia at DreamAnalyze.me to interpret your dream.


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Dreams about alligators can be frightening, as alligators are powerful and ferocious animals, which many

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Buying a new car in a dream is a symbol that holds great significance, yet

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Dream About Buying Shoes For Someone Else – What Does This Unusual Dream Mean?

Shoes are one of the essential pieces of clothing that a person can own. Not

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Dream About Stocks Going Up

Dreaming about the stock market is probably one of the least common dreams, and if

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Dream About Pigs (Attacking, Chasing, Biting, Dying)

Dreams are a fascinating aspect of the human psyche. They can be very symbolic, or

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