Dreams About Death – What Do They Mean?

Dreams about death are incredibly unpleasant and scary, especially if you were dreaming of the death of someone very close to your heart or your pet. Death is a subject that everyone tries to avoid. However, what about dreams of death? Do they mean actual death, or does this dream only speak to us through symbols?

Dreams about death often deal with some ending, transformation, or fear, and it may not be just the fear of death as such. If you are afraid of death or often think about something related to death, your dreams are a reflection of your thoughts. Our thoughts often translate into dreams, and if you think about something way too often, you may dream of it very often, if not every night.

However, dreams also speak to us through symbols, therefore, death does not necessarily mean actual death, but the ending of one phase, fear, wrong decisions, significant life changes, or some problems, especially if this is a recurring dream. Dreams of death can also only mean that we are missing something or someone or that the end of something old is approaching, and at the same time, the beginning of something new is just around the corner.

What do dreams of death mean? Read below.

dreams about death

Dream about your partner dying

Summary: You’re afraid of your own failure in relationship.

If you were dreaming of the death of your partner – girlfriend or boyfriend, it means that you are doing too much for them. However, the reason you’re doing this stems from fear or anxiety rather than from free will.

Perhaps you’re afraid that if you didn’t do so much for them, they wouldn’t be with you, or they’d even stop loving you. You are afraid of your own failure, which may result in a breakup. Stop acting out of fear and let your relationship run its course. What is meant to happen will happen.

The dream of a loved one dying is often the result of your fear of separation or that they no longer love you as they did at the beginning of a relationship. If this is a recurring dream, it’s time to talk to your partner and talk openly about what needs to be changed.

Dream about a child dying

Summary: You miss your childhood and the feelings associated with it. Successful solution of the problem.

The dream of a dying child does not, in any way, speak of the death of the child. Instead, it is your youthful and energetic inner child that is dying or already died. You are probably so busy that you have no time for fun, adventure, and all that gives you a feeling of freedom. You should start focusing again on what you love and what makes you happy. It’s time to awaken your inner child.

In a positive sense, this can mean that you will successfully solve incoming problems. Instead, the death of a child in this sense is the beginning of a problem that you managed to solve or end before it took on a dimension.

Dream about the death of a family member

Summary: Wrong decisions.

A dying family member or a loved one in a dream generally symbolizes the inability to make the right decisions. You may face a big change in your life, and you need to make the right decision to get the best possible outcome. 

In a positive sense, this dream usually means that the negative aspects that you inherited from your parents (such as greed, enviousness, bad eating habits..) no longer identify you. It may be the greed you inherited from your father or the bad habits your mother has taught you may finally end, or you decide that you no longer want these properties you have from your parents.

Last but not least, it can also mean that if your parent or a loved one has already died, you are missing and dreams are one way to remember them or to communicate with them.

Dream about your own death

Summary: Your “old self” is dying. Transformation. Life change. Long life.

Seeing your own death is quite a common dream and marks a new beginning; the “death” of your old self; self-development. Some part of your personality dies. You may have this dream when you are sick; it means you’re starting to heal. If you have this dream when you have a lot of stress, it means that stress will end soon and you will feel better, or that the heavy load you’ve been carrying for a long time will soon fall off your shoulders.

Have you ever heard that dreams have the opposite meaning? This dream can be a good example. Some cultures believe that if you die in your dream, it foreshadows a long life.

Psychologically, this dream can also mean that you are very concerned about your health. Maybe you have a bad habit or are deliberately doing something that has a devastating effect on your health. These thoughts and feelings are then projected into your dreams.

Dream about an ex dying

Summary: Letting go of your ex-partner.

You are finally moving on from your ex. Death in your dream symbolizes the end, a thick black line behind your former relationship. If you are no longer in a relationship with your former partner but have often thought about them or been addicted to them, this dream means that you are finally letting go and opening your heart to love again. Read more in our article “dreams about ex“.

dreams about death

Dream about someone who has recently passed away

Summary: You have not yet accepted the fact that the person is dead.

Dream of someone who has recently passed away means that you still feel as if the person was alive, or you still have very vivid memories of them. This dream may also mean that you have not yet come to terms with the death of your loved one, or cannot accept that they are no longer alive. This dream is not unusual because it’s a part of the grieving process. From a psychic point of view, this dream can mean that a person who has recently died communicates with you through dreams.

Dream about the death of your friend/best friend

Summary: Strong bond with your friend. They miss you.

When I dreamed of my friend’s death some time ago, I was shocked and didn’t know what to think about the dream. If you had the same dream, don’t worry. There’s no need to panic. Dreams of your friend’s death symbolize the strong bond and connection with them and that they miss you or often think of you.

If it’s a friend who lives far away or you haven’t seen in a long time, take your time and call them or text them. waking life

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