Feng Shui Kitchen: How To Feng Shui Your Kitchen The Right Way

The kitchen is very often nicknamed the heart or soul of the home. It’s not because the whole family gathers there for a meal (nowadays only a few families eat together at the dining table), but instead because it is the center of our physical health and says a lot about an individual’s lifestyle or the whole family.

A kitchen is a place where there is life energy — food and water, and according to Feng Shui, it is believed that not only what you have in the fridge speaks volumes about your lifestyle but also what your kitchen looks like. Therefore, the proper layout of the kitchen, meaning the whole room, will help you improve the flow of life, energy and wealth, prosperity, and happiness.

feng shui kitchen how to feng shui your kitchen

Your kitchen is one of the rooms included in the Feng Shui Trinity, including your bedroom and bathroom. The Feng Shui in this trinity is essential for health and well-being. So how to feng shui your kitchen the right way? Read on to find out.

Increasing the Feng Shui in your Kitchen

To increase the Feng Shui in your kitchen, you need to clean it first. Maybe it sounds too simple, to begin with, but Feng Shui emphasizes things being cleaned and decluttered to keep the good energy flowing in the kitchen. Conversely, when the kitchen is cluttered or looks chaotic, it creates negative energy.

For energy to flow properly, we should not store unnecessary things and leave the kitchen constantly dirty. Of course, that doesn’t mean you should clean and polish your kitchen immediately after reading these lines, but rather keep things organized and tidy.

Open your refrigerator or pantry. Do you have expired foods there? Are fridge shelves sticky from juice or sweet jams? Is the compartment full of onion skins? Get rid of any dirt and expired food. Do the same with rusty cutlery, broken plates, or mugs that you plan to fix someday. These things will no longer serve you as they should, creating negative energy in your kitchen.

As for the trash can, the best choice is a trash can that is hidden, for example, in a cabinet under the sink. However, the open trash can that has no lid, and you have garbage in your eyes every day, reduces the energy of your kitchen and creates a not very favorable environment. The same is with sorted garbage. So make a special cabinet for rubbish and sorted waste, such as plastics and paper, or take them out daily.

Painting for Feng Shui

When you choose the colors you want in your kitchen, colors can elicit different reactions from different people. When you choose your colors, make sure that you are choosing colors that draw you in and make you feel comfortable, and promote positive feng shui. Some suggestions include the following:


Blue is the best to use in the Feng Shui kitchen as it can balance out oranges from the fire element that the stove belongs to. If you find the blue color too strong, choose soft blue tones in combination with white. Be careful with blues, as too much can reduce your appetite.

An idea of what an ideal bluish Feng Shui kitchen could look like
Orange and Reds

Oranges and reds are associated with the joy of eating. These colors are best used in small and impactful ways. Cooking and spending time in a red or orange kitchen will be fun and creative. However, they are fiery colors, so you need to be careful not to burn your food or some objects in your kitchen.


Good Feng Shui kitchens avoid the color black. Black is known to have a depressing effect and can elicit feelings of being cold and isolated. If you have a black kitchen and don’t have the opportunity to change it, get more lighting that neutralizes these negative vibrations. Another way to harmonize your black kitchen is to have more wood, i.e., wooden chairs, a solid wood table, a wooden mat, or replace plastic with wood.

Soft Yellow and Gold

Muted golds and yellows work amazingly in a Feng Shui kitchen, along with earth tones. These colors evoke feelings of safety, security, happiness, and relaxation. They are the colors of gathering and bonding, which is the dream of the kitchen.

Using Lighting to Create Good Energy

Light attracts positive energy to your kitchen. The more positive energy you have in your kitchen, the more harmony and peace you will have in your household. Here are some tips to increase the lighting in your kitchen:

  • Consider repainting the cupboards and wooden furniture a brighter color, like yellow or gold.
  • Use a large mirror to bring more brightness and the illusion of more space to your kitchen.
  • Add under the cabinet lights to your kitchen to help eliminate any dark spots in your kitchen. Also, consider leaving a night light in your kitchen to promote positive energy. Some energy-saving lights are very energy-efficient.

Add Plants and Fruit

Plants and fruits both add positive chi to your kitchen. Herbs are the best way to invoke the earth element in your kitchen and keep the area feeling healthy and vibrant. Mint and basil in the windows or along the east and south walls boost good energy.

A bowl of citrus on the counter

A fruit bowl on the counter signifies abundance and health in the kitchen. Of course, citrus fruits are the best ones to keep in the fruit bowl to achieve optimal chi, but all fruits will bring good energy.

Bottom line

By following the above Feng Shui tips, you will create a kitchen that will nourish your family’s hearts and bodies. Increasing the Feng Shui in your kitchen will improve your life’s flow of happiness, prosperity, and health. It will also lead to an increase in Feng Shui in your entire home.