9 Great Things To Do In Quarantine & While Social Distancing

Without this difficult situation at the time of the coronavirus, few of us would know what quarantine means and entails. You may have known that quarantine means separation from others in the event of an infectious disease or a sudden situation that prevents you from having contact with others. However, still, it’s something new for us that few of us have ever been through.

things to do in quarantine

Being locked up at home can be tedious and boring, you may be thinking that there is nothing to do and the days are repeating and beginning to merge that you are losing track of what day it is. If you used to go out for coffee, shopping or a walk with your friends every day and now you are locked up at home, this can be especially difficult for you.

What to do in the quarantine so that we don’t go crazy and how to get out of it with a new perspective on your life and your life goals? Read below!

things to do in quarantine

Focus on your goals

Maybe you were too busy, maybe you were just lazy. There are a lot of excuses and facts that people list when you ask them why they don’t focus on their life goals. The moment you are in quarantine, locked up at home between four walls, you have plenty of time to think about your goals, what they are, what you plan to do to achieve them.

Sit down with paper and pencil and write down what you want to achieve. Is it money? Write down the exact amount you want. Is it a car? Write down what kind of car it is. Get a clear idea of what you want and write down what needs to be done. A clear idea is the most crucial thing in achieving your goals. Of course, you can set out on a journey, but if you don’t have a clear destination, you can spend your whole life wandering the alleys that lead nowhere.

Now you have a lot of time, so use it wisely and so that it will bring you positive results in the future.

Learn something new that will benefit you in life

Did you want to learn Portuguese or Russian, but didn’t have the time? Now you have it! When it comes to foreign languages, there are many ways to get started and learn. And no, you don’t have to pay a single penny. Start on Youtube. You will find videos for beginners and advanced. If you are advanced, you can watch movies or series in the language you are learning.

Also, if you want to learn programming languages, or how to work in graphic or video editors, again, Youtube is the place to go. Even if the quarantine does not last forever, you will learn the most important basics; you lay the foundation brick, and then you can only improve or expand your vocabulary. Learning languages is fantastic because it will come in handy in your life.

Cooking and experimenting with food

Yes, you may not be able to cook. But only until you start learning it. Quarantine is a great opportunity to learn how to prepare food – simple and complex, hot and cold, light, and heavy. I couldn’t cook anything but potatoes, pancakes or an egg omelet myself. However, if you find yourself in a situation where you can’t go to a restaurant or tavern and don’t like semi-finished products, cooking will come in handy.

There are millions of recipes in cookbooks and on Youtube, suitable for both complete beginners and advanced. Find a recipe from the ingredients you have or can buy and try to experiment. Start with small portions in case you don’t succeed. Once the quarantine is over, you can surprise your friends or family with some great food.

Reorganize your home with Feng Shui

The ancient Chinese teaching of Feng Shui believes that reorganizing your home, so that energy can freely flow, will change your life. There are many ways to revamp your home, for example, to attract more money, happiness, health, or a partner to your life. It is believed that the southeast corner of your house is a place of wealth and money, so it is advisable to clean this place from any impurities and put something there that symbolizes money and abundance. Read more in our article: Feng Shui Money Corner.

If you want to attract a partner to your life, have everything in pairs, i.e. two candles, two pillows, two plates, or two bedside tables.

Reconnect with your childhood friends

On a busy day, it’s hard to find time to chat with your friends. When you are in quarantine, contact with the outside world, your friends and family members are very important. But at the same time, you have time to start looking for friends you haven’t seen in a long time or lost contact with. If you know their name or their friends, look for the contact. It may take you all day, but it will be worth it!

Sort out and get rid of your old clothes

Sorting a wardrobe and throwing away things that are old or not worn is very difficult. Maybe you keep some things because you think you will lose weight soon and be able to wear them again. Perhaps you’re keeping old clothes for your son’s daughter, who was just born. And maybe you keep your old clothes because you’re sorry to get rid of them forever.

Once you start sorting your wardrobe, stop thinking about when you will lose weight and when your newborn granddaughter will be 12 years old, otherwise, your closet will remain full of clothes, and you will not bend anywhere. If you sort out your wardrobe, you will make room for new clothes, i.e. for new energy. And if you don’t want to throw away your stuff, you can donate them to your friends, family, or charity.

Learn to sew (not just a facemask)

Sewing is a nice and creative hobby, but not everyone likes it. Sewing is a nice and creative hobby, but not everyone likes it. Some men even claim that it is a purely feminine affair and that a man should never have a needle and nothing in his hand. It’s not true. Both men and women sew, and if you are in quarantine, sewing comes in very handy.

You have time to learn to sew, and if you already know how to sew, you can sew holes on your socks, shorten your pants or fix something you wanted to give to a seamstress or someone who can sew. You will use your time to your advantage and save money because seamstress prices aren’t the lowest ones. If you are required to wear a facemask, sew it!

Create a vision board to stay focused on your life goals

A vision board is a board on which you stick, pin, or write your dreams and life goals. Its primary function is to remind you every day of what you are going after and to focus on your goals every time you see it.

Your vision board can look anyhow; it can be small or large, wooden or paper, black and white, or colored. If you don’t have many options in the quarantine, take a large piece of cardboard out of a box or hard paper and write inspirational words or your dreams with a marker. You can also be more creative and cut out various texts or images from magazines and paste them there. If you have no inspiration, check out Pinterest. There are thousands of interesting and unique vision boards.

Then place your vision board somewhere you will often see—either over your desk, over the bed, or in the kitchen. You have an excellent opportunity to focus 100% on your goals, so do it. Because where the focus goes, energy flows.

Start a gratitude journal

“The more you are grateful for what you have, the more you will have to be grateful for” — Zig Ziglar

Gratitude works like a magnet because if you are grateful for something, the universe will give you more to have more reason to be grateful. Create a gratitude journal and write there at least ten things a day for which you are thankful.

It doesn’t have to be just things like health, love, happiness and money. Focus on everything you are grateful for. For example:

  • I am grateful for having a roof over my head.
  • I am grateful for a delicious breakfast and excellent coffee.
  • I am grateful for my cat, which makes my days better.
  • I am grateful for my ability to think positively and let go of all fears and negativity.
  • I am grateful for my hair, which grows so beautifully.

Watch how you feel. You may feel better immediately as soon as you realize that there are so many things you should be grateful for. A gratitude journal can change your life and view of the world. It can also help you attract more wealth and abundance into your life. Be grateful, because gratitude is magical.