Feng Shui Money Corner (The Ultimate Guide) Try This Easy Trick!

Money is one of the most creative energies we have. But unfortunately, many of us equate money with cruel and unfriendly experiences, and we unconsciously resist abundance. Some people even think that money is evil because they don’t understand how it works. If a person doesn’t know the value of something, they tend to think of it as bad or worthless.

But, if you retake a step and look at money as creative energy that will flow easily towards you, it’s much more interesting and a lot less intimidating.

Try this simple yet effective trick to keep or attract more money into your life!

feng shui money corner
Slice of wood with three coins

The ancient teachings of feng shui offer many ways to improve money flow into your life, one of which is the feng shui money corner. The wealth corner is located in the back Southeast area of your house, store, or office and is associated with the element of wood and water.

The element of wood symbolizes money, growth, and wealth, while water represents purification, the flow (in this case, the flow of money), and the supply of anything new.

If this area of your house isn’t in order, you may experience problems with finances. The most common include excessive expenditure, debts, unexpected expenses, and inability to save or set money aside. Some people don’t even realize how big of an impact the feng shui money corner has on their finances.

feng shui money corner

How To Begin

The following three steps are simple and necessary to set the financial energy in your life in motion.

1. Locate your southeast corner

The first step to allowing money to flow into your life is to locate the money corner. As already said, it is located in the southeast area of your house or room. If you don’t know the cardinal points, use a compass or Google Maps.

2. Clean it up

The next, and at the same time the most crucial step, is maintaining this corner orderly and clean. Take care of this particular area of your house as if it is a diamond or treasure; clean this corner at least once every fourteen days, wipe the dust, and remove any dirt or useless things like papers, old books, broken cables, or wilted flowers.

3. Place suitable objects there to attract money

Once you’ve cleared the southeast corner, place the appropriate object with money to your money corner, and you’re done!

Recommended objects

Given that the wealth corner is associated with the element of water and wood, which is typical for its abundance and diversity, it is appropriate to place plants, flowers, small trees, wooden statues, fountains, or anything else that symbolizes wood and water in this area. For example, a wooden bowl with three coins or a simple wood slice (see picture above) might be a perfect idea.

Another significant object is bamboo chimes, an image of a creek in the woods. Blue and green are the primary colors of the wealth corner, too.

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Next time you go to an Asian nail studio or an Asian restaurant, note how many flowers or aquariums are in these places. Asians believe in the power of feng shui and apply this technique at home, the workplace, the store, and the restaurant. It’s a great way to keep the money flow (the flow of new customers).


  1. Locate your southeast (wealth) corner.
  2. Clean the southeast (wealth) corner and remove any dirt or dust.
  3. Place objects with an element of wood, water, and coins in the wealth corner.
  4. Keep this corner clean and tidy regularly.
  5. Make sure the objects you put in this corner are in place. Moving things from this location can negatively affect the money flow.