How Football Asian Handicap Betting Lines are Being Used Worldwide

There are many ways in which you can bet on football, which should come as no surprise because it is the biggest betting sport in the world.

Common markets include betting on who will win the game, who will score and what the final score will be, these are used by many punters around the world.

However, we are also seeing the emergence of further markets, ones that are traditionally much smaller than those mentioned above, although their popularity is now growing.

One of these is betting on Asian handicaps, slightly different to regular handicap betting, but something offering a completely different way to bet for those who are looking for something new.

We all want to look after our money and wealth, so betting sensibly and using lines like these to enhance the chances of winning are key to being successful.

What is Asian Handicap Betting?

Asian handicap betting is a way to bet on a football game using a fictional line that is created and standard across all bookmakers. There are many lines to choose from, and the odds for your bet as well as what needs to happen for you to win will be determined by the line you choose.

The simple way to understand this is that when you are using an Asian handicap line, you are either giving your team a more difficult task, or you are making their task easier. If you make things difficult, expect to receive bigger odds and if you are making it easier, expect the odds to be lower to reflect this.

If you fancy a team to win comfortably then using an Asian line gives you the chance to back that opinion. For example, the -1 line means that your team needs to win by two goals or more for a win.

If you think they will win by two or three goals easily, this is the line to be on.

What is the Difference Between Asian Handicaps & Regular Handicaps?

There are three outcomes that you can get on an Asian handicap line which you cannot get on a regular line. These are a partial win, partial loss and your stake back.

The lines 0.25 and 0.75 are the most commonly used that are very different to what you will see in regular handicap betting. These are when you will receive a partial win or loss depending on the bet you place.

These are good if you are betting in a competitive league like the Premier League, where you want to cover yourself a little and avoid the full loss from time to time.

Where & How to Place Bets

The great news for those looking to place bets on Asian handicap lines or on something else is that there are many bookmakers available to use.

Alongside these, you can also place bets on a betting exchange. Do you ever wonder what a betting exchange is?

These can be great tools for gamblers, as you can both place bets and also act as the bookmaker and accept bets from other gamblers.

When it comes to how you place your bets and the lines you use, this should be determined by the outcome of the game.

Try and not look at the odds on offer before you have an opinion on this. The common way to use Asian handicap lines is on games where you feel the favourites are going to win comfortably.

If this is how you are going to use them then make a score prediction and match that to a line, then place your bets here.