How to Contact Archangel Uriel

Archangel Uriel will give you clarity and harmony whenever you require it. Along these lines, Uriel is ostensibly the most accessible of the archangels, bringing harmony, peace and genuine feelings of serenity to even the most troublesome sorts of circumstances.

archangel uriel

Uriel is one of the seven celestial messengers that stand closest to God and his colors are rather fiery, which is gold, garnet red or ruby red, hence he is also considered as “God’s fire” or “Light of God”.

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Uriel is considered the wisest angel. He’s an old sage whom you can contact if you need any intellectual information, practical solutions and creative ideas. Uriel has so many abilities and helps in so many spheres of life, so regular contact with him can be very beneficial to you.

How To Contact Archangel Uriel

As mentioned previously, Uriel is one of the most accessible angels, so you do not need any special prayer or tools to invoke the presence of this archangel.

All you have to do it temporarily set aside your ego, calm down your mind, and send out a message to the heavenly messenger you wish to contact. You can do this for example by sitting on your bed, closing your eyes and imagining yourself with a red color or a red cloud around you. The red color should be warm and should evoke pleasant feelings in you.

Try to see yourself in the middle of this red cloud. Once you feel relaxed as well as your mind, say either loud or silently in your mind: Thank you, Uriel, for giving me the opportunity to call on you.

When you become aware of the angelic presence, speak honestly, openly, and humbly, don’t hold nothing back. Archangel Uriel is there with you, and you can ask him for whatever your heart desire.