How to Create an Ideal Feng Shui Bedroom for Perfect Sleep

Bedroom is your most important place in the house. It’s the place where you spend most of your day. It’s the place where you come for a peaceful sleep. It’s only natural that you get affected by the energy in the room when you’re in such a passive state while taking a nap.

Your bedroom is really personal to you so making the appropriate feng shui changes in your room will definitely have a great impact on you. Here are some tips to feng shui your room in the best way possible.

Bed Placement

In order to style your room the feng shui way, start with your bed. Place your bed in such a way that it is perfectly in line with your door but not directly aligned with it. Sleep in such a direction that you’re facing the door; it is a commanding position and gives you a sense of safety. 

Make sure that your bed is not directly in line with the door and your feet don’t point to the door; this is also known as the coffin position which should be avoided. Also, your bed shouldn’t be under any ceiling fan or any structural beam either. And lastly, make sure that there’s space on the three sides of the bed (left, right, front).

Use the Right Pillows  

Feng shui’s design concept explains that too many pillows are not good. Since the pillows you sleep on can affect your comfort level during bedtime, too many pillows that are too soft or too firm may cause neck and shoulder problems. This can lead to frequent tossing and turning in bed because of the imbalance of forces or yin (soft) and yang (hard).  

Because comfort level is subjective, choosing the right pillow involves considering the filling material used. For instance, a handmade buckwheat pillow made of buckwheat hulls is gluten-free, allowing you to relax better. You’ll also gain extra benefits, such as experiencing little to no skin irritation, better sweat absorption, and better air circulation while sleeping. 

While it’s tempting to keep piling on bedroom pillows, it’s highly recommended that you keep your bed open and welcoming to attract peace of mind and good relationships.

Sleep in the Right Direction

The feng shui way advises you to sleep in the right direction. Place your bed in such a way that it faces the door. Your foot should face the door but not directly. Sleeping with a view of the door gives one a sense of safety and command which helps the person sleep better (source).

Get Rid of Mirrors 

According to the feng shui concept, if a person can’t sleep well, it’s mainly due to the presence of a mirror in the room. Mirrors are said to bounce energy around the bedroom which may cause restless and disturbance to the person trying to sleep. 

When you’re changing your bedroom according to feng shui, be sure to get rid of the mirror in order to sleep peacefully. If you can’t get rid of the mirror, relocate it in a way that it isn’t on the wall opposite your bed. Relocating your mirror in such a way eliminates infidelity especially if it’s a couple’s room. 

Work on Furniture Placement

Following the feng shui rules while placing the furniture is quite important. When you’re setting your furniture, keep in mind that your bedroom should be like a dark cave but warm and cozy. You should get a feeling of enclosure, yet be able to move freely within the room. 

Firstly, don’t put your furniture in a way that it blocks your path to the doorway or any other natural pathway. Secondly, don’t place furniture with shape edges facing your bed. Thirdly, don’t clutter your bedroom with too much furniture. Keep it airy and cozy. 

Avoid Bedroom Clutter

The most important feng shui rule is to keep your room clean and tidy. Do not clutter your room with unnecessary stuff. According to feng shui, cluttering your room eliminates the flow of energy from your bedroom, disturbs your sleeping pattern, and generally stops the process of moving on in your life. 

Clutter in your room causes stress in life, so to avoid that keep you room tidy. Do not clutter things under your bed; the space beneath your bed is not for extra storage. Keep your things organized inside your closet and remember to close the closet door at night. Keep your things in a well mannered way in your drawers. 

No Electronics on Bed

Televisions, laptops, mobile phones, and computers, all tend to distract people from sleep. According to feng shui, they symbolize wakefulness and eliminate the energy from the room. If you’re unable to sleep, it’s probably because of the presence of electronics that are distracting you.

If you can’t remove these electronics from your room, make sure to hide them before going to bed. Cover them with a cloth so that the screen keeps hidden. These electronics harm our sleep in ways we don’t even know. They ruin the quality of our sleep. It is advised to use a proper alarm clock instead of keeping a mobile phone. 

Keep Your Work Away From Bed

Everybody knows that work and sleep don’t go together. Never make your bedroom a work area and do not place a desk in your bedroom. Keeping work things in your bedroom is a poor feng shui style. In order to encourage a good night’s sleep, keep work things and required electronics out of your bedroom and see the magic. 

Use Light Blocking Curtains

Use dark coloured and thick curtains that can easily block the light coming from outside. Your bedroom is the place to sleep and so bright light coming from windows takes away the coziness of the room and keeps it heated. Make sure that your bedroom is a bit dark and not full of scorching heat and light. 

Keep your bedroom only for resting and sleeping purposes, and for that, blocking unnecessary bright light is important. According to feng shui rules, having bright light in your bedroom disrupts your sleep and takes away the aura of a typical feng shui bedroom. For best results, use drapes (see huge option of custom drapes), blinds, or curtains, preferably in a color or print that enhances a peaceful atmosphere.

Remove Plants from Bedroom

According to feng shui, one shouldn’t place plants in the bedroom as they bring in too much yang energy. This type of energy is not good for people who have trouble sleeping. There is also the factor of carbon dioxide released from the plants which is harmful and even fatal for  human beings and can cause an extreme headache, hence disrupting the sleep.

Change Bedroom Colors

Bedroom colors also affect sleep quality. Yin-yang Chinese philosophy involves a perfect balance of forces, and you’d want your bedroom to be a comfortable haven to lay down after a hectic day. So, make your bedroom more relaxing and appealing by letting yin flow into your space, which is described as silent and soft. Instead of saturated colors, choose those that won’t disturb relaxation and sleep, such as matte blue, gray, fine pink, green, and beige. 

These feng shui principles are essential to follow in order to make your bedroom the ultimate relaxing place. According to feng shui rules, people connect with their bedrooms and are affected by the energy of the bedroom. By following these principles you will gain balance between the chi, ying and yang energy in your bedroom needed for a peaceful sleep.