How to Create Good Feng Shui in Your Yard

Feng Shui is the art of understanding how to place yourself and the objects that surround you in a balanced manner that brings harmony and good energy into your life. You can apply this technique to your home, as well as to your yard.

Use a Bagua

A Bagua map is very helpful when designing your yard according to the Feng Shui principles. It can help you locate the energy fields in your yard and you can decorate accordingly. The Bagua map consists of nine sections that correspond to the nine areas of your life. 

The northern sector is dedicated to career. The best thing you can do is to install a water feature in it as the running water will bring you great fortune.

The northeast sector is for knowledge. Here, you can create a reading area by placing a bench made of stone. You can also add a rock brick or a masonry patio that is filled with plenty of clay pots.

The east sector is dedicated to health and it should be ruled by wood elements and the colors brown and yellow. This is the area where you can install, for instance, a wood deck.

Respect the natural elements

It is believed that it is good Feng Shui to have an area in your garden where plants are permitted to grow freely. This is a way in which you can show your respect for nature, which is a key element in Feng Shui. After all, the earth is one of the five important elements that bring good energy.

When redesigning your garden, you must pay extra attention to the trees in your yard. You should trim them so that their branches do not deflect or block the energy of your home. So, start by cutting any branches that extend or cover parts of your house as these branches focus bad energy onto the structure of your home, and, thus, they bring bad luck.

Leaf litter should also be eliminated as it is the equivalent of mess and clutter. Consequently, take the time to clean the yard constantly and sweep away the leaves so that your yard looks neat and orderly. 

Bugs are also an issue that you should deal with. Pest infestations should not be permitted inside your precious living space. If you are experiencing any trouble with pests such as fleas, or other bugs, your response should be immediate and assertive. 

You can check out this review for additional information on what type of products you can use. You should also remember that uncleanness is what oftentimes allows for infestations to occur. 

Add water

In Feng Shui, water is often associated with wisdom, wealth and success. You can bring good energy and good luck in your life by placing a water element in your yard. To achieve this, you can install a water fountain or a pond.

After you install the water element it is vital that you keep it debris-clean at all times as algae-clogged or cloggy water creates negative energy. The direction of the water is also important. Make sure that the water flows towards your home, and not away from it.

Install a round table

Because a round table has no pointed angles, it will make the people visiting your home more welcomed and comfortable.

You can place a table of this kind in your patio or in the yard itself. This way, the next time you have people over, they will feel encouraged to stay more and they will feel better in the protected space of your home.