How to Motivate Your Creativity and Inspiration?

How to Motivate Your Creativity and Inspiration

Since quarantine, everything has come to a halt. From work to school, everyone has implemented a WFH (Work From Home) set up. While that can be fun for the introverted, it can be quite challenging to some who aren’t used to staying at home all day. One can be tempted to go out and work from a cafe, but if you care about you and the people around you, the responsible option is to work from home.

Isolation can definitely be draining for your mental health. If you have been stuck at home for quite some time, it might take a toll on you. It was probably fun the first few weeks of quarantine, but as soon as the days grew longer, it felt harder to cope. You are not alone. Isolation can take the creativity out of you. Feeling this is completely normal. We understand how frustrating it can be to feel stuck, especially when you are a student, an artist and even just an average Joe. 

If you have noticed your lack of motivation recently, it can probably mean that this pandemic has started affecting you. From isolation, to even just the economic and health situation happening around us can affect our mental health. Research has shown that this pandemic has caused emotional turmoil to many, and the numbers of people who are affected by their mental health are going up at an alarming rate since quarantine. This shouldn’t be a shock as we were all living our normal lives before all this has happened. If you are used to having a routine such as waking up, working a 9 to 5 job, or going to school everyday, the quarantine will most likely affect you. It is completely normal to feel this as stopping your life without warning is shocking to your mind and body. Not only this, working from home can be convenient but also stressful. If you work a normal job outside of your home, you are most likely separated from your work and your normal life. Working at home can be convenient as you have so much time in your hands, but it can take up most of your energy as well as time for yourself. If you have noticed that this has been happening to you recently, it is best to identify how this situation is affecting you and think of ways how you can communicate to family members about your current mental situation. 

Being mindful head on can help you cope and work your way through this situation. Here are a few tips to help your mind and body healthy as well as a few tips on how to get your creative juices flowing this quarantine:

  • Let Yourself Feel

Don’t force yourself to stay afloat if you can’t handle things. It’s okay to be in your current situation. 

  • Do Things at Your Own Pace

You might feel as if being unproductive is a bad thing, but sometimes, this can help with your mental health too. Doing things at your own pace will allow you to design your own learning experience. Not only will you design it at your pace but also to your interest and preference. It’ll allow you to come back better with more creativity to your work. You can boost your creativity when you use creativity supplements. You can check these supplements for creativity here.

  • Rekindle Your Passion

Now that you have time for you and your craft, immerse yourself in things that can inspire you.

  • Take on a Small Hobby

Too much work can lead to burnout, it is best to start a new hobby. Learning something new can take you out of a rut and can inspire you to get your creative juices flowing.

  • Plan Things Out

Separate time for yourself and work. Learn time management to be more efficient and productive. We suggest Asian Efficiency, a website to encourage doing things with the least amount of effort while delivering the maximum amount of output. Get on their training courses for tips, tricks and techniques on getting things done the efficient way for maximum productivity. 

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